Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Kangaroos in Austria

As I explained in a post a couple of weeks ago, we were blessed, through Benjamin's company, to be able to visit Vienna, Austria this summer, where, in fact, they do NOT have kangaroos, in case there was any confusion there! :)

We went at the end of June/ first week in July.  We were supposed to go at the end of April, but if you've read this blog post, then you'll remember why we didn't.

This was my first trip out of the country, and it really exceeded any expectations I could have had.
It was like a dream.  That's the best way to put it.
The places we saw, the food we ate, the experiences we had, they were simply incredible.

Over the next few days, I'll briefly highlight
♫♪a few of my favorite things.... ♪♫

My first passport stamp!!  :)

passport stamp

Immediately, Upon arrival, I took note of how very Different things are across the ocean:

{crazy big, slightly creepy (something about them reminds me of a U.F.O) windmills EVERYwhere!)

The Gideons aren't the only ones recruiting from hotel room drawers...

hotel drawer

Light.  Coke Light.  Not to be confused with Coors Light.  Those are two totally different beverages.

coke light

Can I just say, that I have a tough enough time making decisions in my life without having to decide exactly how much water I would like to use to flush the potty?!  Really?

3 or 6 liters

Since Vienna is six hours ahead of South Carolina,
this picture was take minutes within arriving at our hotel (no, that isn't our hotel behind us, it's the Hoffburg palace where they hosted a dinner for us our last night! so, more pics to come of that later...) and it's 10:30 AM in Vienna which is equivalent to 4:30 AM according to our bodies.
And I couldn't sleep on the nine hour plane ride.
I became well acquainted with European Espresso.

we will dance here wednesday

I'm tellin' ya.. it was like a dream...

fresh cut

Although, I must say, I don't often dream of giant nostriled statues...

large nose statue

but I DO dream of this moment.
I can't even describe to you what a beautiful, perfect night this was.  The temperature was perfect, the Figlmuller restaurant was deliciously authentic, my date was looking mighty studly and I was floating through the streets of Vienna, just soaking it all in.

figlmuller loves

gellato shop

And we finished it off with Gelato.  Which is not to be confused with Ice Cream.
Nutella, Pistachio, chocolate AND Coffee Gelato.
Because I couldn't decide which ONE to go with :)
And it was day one of our trip and, at that point, my jeans still fit.


If we get to replay days in heaven, this will be one that I pick, for sure!  :)

Here's all of my day one Vienna pics:


  1. It looks/sounds like you had a fabulous time! I am jealous you got your passport stamped. I have yet to get a stamp since we drive into countries.
    So, how did you like your schnitzel? The place we go around here serves it with a blueberry sauce and it is delish! Speaking of, did you not just love the gelato?!! I get a new flavor every time! Thankfully, I have two more years left in Italy and I know that gelato will be on my top 5 things of things I will miss about living over here!
    I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your trip!

  2. Melissa...
    I did have a great time! I can't believe you get to LIVE close to this place- like within driving distance. Seriously- that is so incredible. That's totally whack that you haven't gotten a passport stamp! What a bummer!! I must say I was quite pumped about my first one. :)

    I have to say that I cannot imagine schnitzel with blueberry sauce- that sounds a little off- but hey, i'm up for trying schnitzel any way! It's awesome!! :)

    And the gelato-- Oh. My. It was incredible- there is something about it that is a lot lighter than ice cream, so you can eat more of it without feeling heavy (although I'm sure it probably has the same ACTUAL heavy-ness effect :) )

    I can't imagine being about to walk down the street and get it any time I ever wanted. I'd be 500 lbs!! :)

    Seriously so cool you get to LIVE in a place like this. I know it's hard to be away from family, but if you MUST, this beauty is an awesome consolation prize! :)

    Thanks for saying hey :)

  3. Ugh!!! These are the times when I really wish that Daniel still worked with Farm Bureau. Have I said that before?? Haha! :) I loved the pics and looks like you had a great time. You look lovely in the streets of Vienna :)

  4. Carrie.. I can tell you that i thought, multiple times, while we were there, "I wish Daniel still worked for Farm Bureau!" Seriously, the ONE trip that we DID get to go on together was so much fun. The picture of you two in the bug glasses from the Bugs Life movie is one of my favs ever! :) We'll just have to take some vacations together and make up for not being able to go on the trips together! Hope it isn't too long before I get to see yall again!!