Saturday, August 7, 2010

Daytona 400

Today, we're finishing up with highlights
from the roughly 400 pictures we took on Daytona Beach...


I love the fact that my child/ future children (Lord willing)
have this mans genes.


fam pic close up

He has his daddy's hands and feet. So cool to see them in miniature version. :)


These two have so much fun together!

chase with daddy

B jumping over Benson...

b jumping

Benson jumping over B...

benson jumping-1

Fam Pic on Daytona Beach

fam pic from daytona beach

Three generations of those good lookin' Ryan genes :)

three generations

"I'm running so fast, my head can't keep up with my body!"

so fast -1

Time to load back up and hit the road North!
We highly recommend a pit stop in Daytona Beach!


It's a great place to stretch your legs :)


On Tuesday, we'll step back in time a little further
and feature Benson in a Beauuuuutiful Dress.
Explanation to come :)

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