Friday, August 13, 2010

First Annual Fourth of July Fireworks Photo Contest

Ok, I admit, a July fourth post in mid August doesn't have quite the same pizazz as one a little more timely, but I just can't let these pictures disappear into my computer hard drive oblivion and unless I follow through with the summer photo album in reverse plan, that's exactly what will happen...

So here we have the very first ever in the history of our family, 
Annual Fourth of July Fireworks Photo Contest. 

At the end of this post, you will find a collage of nine fireworks snaps, each photographer picked their top three personal favs to enter into the contest.  Chris and Benjamin were the judges.  Let's see if you pick the same one they did :)

We went to shelter cove on Hilton Head Island for dinner and to watch the fireworks.. 

And even waiting for the fireworks was fun :) 

benson and mama 

and the sunset was beautiful...

sunset with daddy

lash and chris

Benson was proud to be an American

july fourth benson

And continually cracked us up...

silly face benson

whee silhouette

Waiting for the fireworks...

waitin on the fireworks

still waiting....

lash and benson

Here they are!!!  


Let's see if you pick the same champion as our trusty judges. 
Vote for your favorite firework capture in the comments section.  
You don't have to, of course.  But it'd be more fun if you did :)


  1. I really like a few of them but I love number 5! The horizon is beautiful, the fullness of the firework, how vibrant blue it is, the sky and the reflection!

    Great job to all of you though!

  2. #9. I like the reflection in the water. But none of them compare to Benson's cute pictures.
    Rachel C

  3. I'm lovin' #3! Picture of B throwing Benson in the air is great!!

  4. i choose #3! the sunset is so pretty! but i agree with my mom. annnnd where did you get that awesome dress? i love it! -stephanie C

  5. I have to say I like number 3!
    Pretty cool pictures. I especially like the one of Benson in the air.

  6. I'm torn between choosing 3 & 5! They are both my favorites :) what a fun idea!!

  7. i pick #5. love the blue, the sunset, reflection on the water... a very happy picture :)

  8. 3 is my favorite. 5 and 9 are beautiful! They are all great!

  9. Its #5 Hands down....OK, maybe the one of Benson in the air tops it..

  10. Its #5 Hands down....OK, maybe the one of Benson in the air tops it..

  11. I think 9, but they are all pretty!

  12. I really feel like the odd ball since all above seem to agree, but I really like 4. The firework is very clear. All are great though! :)

  13. I love them all! But since I have to choose only one... I choose #3! :)