Thursday, February 2, 2012

The First Annual Camp Waghabe

camp waghabe 2011 pic

This is just a little snippet from the First Annual Camp Waghabe...
I wasn't there to take pics (no parents allowed!!) so these are just a couple that Uncle Jo snapped for me with his phone...
Oh, you've never heard of Camp Waghabe?
It's only the coolest camp EVER!



This past summer, Grandmama had the first four grandchildren (you have to be potty trained to attend Camp Waghabe) for a three day Bible School at her house.  It was a non-stop, fun filled, BIBLE filled, time of just absolute JOY had by these grandkids.

I asked if it would eventually become camp WAGHABE..RE...E...T dot dot...
but Camp Director Grandmama has decided that that might end up getting a little out of hand at some point and so it has been decided that it shall forever be known as "Camp Waghabe," but all potty trained grandchildren are invited! :)

I really can't even describe the impact those three days had on Benson.  He talked NON STOP about making a REAL Noah's ark out of a refrigerator box, getting to knock down the columns (kiddie basketball goals) as Samson, Floating his very own baby moses down the creek in a tar covered basket, painting, coloring, doing all sorts of crafts and fun snacks, dancing around and just spending TIME with his cousins at Camp Waghabe!  It was such a blessing and so much fun and he can't WAIT to go back next year! :) 


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