Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayhhr, Joe-FF and Jeeeth

I just had to do a quick post about this adorable nativity set that my sweet friend Brooke gave Benson for Christmas.
Brooke's so sweet! She is the best note-writer and birthday remember-er and thoughtful present giver ever. Seriously, she should win an award.
I wanted to do a post about this nativity set, so that down the road, I could remember how much fun Benson had playing with these little figurines. We have a few nativity sets we put up for Christmas, but this is his very own and it's safe for him to play with them. We have this precious little book called,
"Clopper the Christmas Donkey"

that tells the Christmas story from the donkey's point of view. (If you're looking for a great read-aloud-- we even read it when it isn't Christmas! I highly reccomend this one-- It's even got the scripture on each page so that as he gets older (and his attention span longer) we can read it too! )
As we read the story, we pick up each of the characters from the nativity that Brooke gave us.
Benson calls them:
Joseph= "Joe-FF"
Mary= "Mayhhr"
Jesus= "Jeeeth"
Clopper= "Copp"
It's so precious.
He's gotten to the point where, every night, while I rock him to sleep, he wants to hold Mayhhr, Joe-FF and Jeeth. And we have to give them each a kiss before we put them on his nightstand. (It's become so much a part of our night time ritual, I couldn't bear to pack them up with the Christmas decorations!)

So since the the nativity's been such a blessing to us (and it's already mid-january and I STILL have YET to send Brooke a thank-you note thanking her for her thoughtfulness--) and we love the book so much, I just had to share! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two advertisements....

Kelli made this ADORABLE appliqued onsie for Benson and brought it to him today! It was so sweet of her! Thanks, Kell! I think it's my new favorite shirt. Every little kid would be even cuter with one of her onsies on... Go visit her website and get one for your little cutie today!

Benson pointed to the "B" and said "cute." Ha!

Reading the "B"ig red "B"arn with his "B" shirt on!

Advertisement #2

"K-K" came into town to keep the twins today so we went out to eat at FUSION BOWL which is totally my favorite restaurant right now. Benson, Ashley and I were featured in the Fusion Bowl ad in the Lexington Life Magazine due to our faithfulness in eating there every "Ash Wednesday" last semester. CLICK HERE to see the ad (it's a PDF file and we're on page 34) I discovered a new sushi roll I like there today- it's called the "Delacota" (ok- so, yeah, I totally just called the restaurant to ask them the name of this roll because I forgot and yes, it is THAT good.) It's got tempura (aka chinese-ly fried) shrimp, with avocado and cream cheese and then topped with spicy crab (which really isn't spicy.) I mean, DE-LISH! They have a lot other than Sushi-- They've got Hibachi and Chinese- anything Asian. It's all good!
If you live around/visit the lexington area- go try it! You won't be sad you did! (But go at lunch- It's double the price for the same amount of food at dinner- as much as I love it, I can't bring myself to pay double at dinner for what I can get half price at lunch!
They should really pay me for this advertisement. Or at least give me a free meal out of it. Seriously. :)
Here we are with the three kids, each in a high chair... The kids didn't really cooperate with the whole picture-taking thing...

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A little photoshoot with Nana

Nana with Peaches and Benson- and Benson with some Juice Plus Gummies in his mouth- he loves these things!


Big hugs...

Sugar for Nana
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A visit to Greenville!

Benjamin, Benson and I went to spend the night with "K-K" and Trey in Greenville this past weekend. It was great getting to see them and hang out for a while! Benson LOVES them both so much!


Mr. Trey let Benson blow out the candles at the restaurant... therefore he quickly made Benson's "A-list."

We ate at Trio's in Greenville. They have delicious brick-oven pizza. Brick-oven's use fire, therefore Benson loved the place. Are you seeing a theme here? I think we're raising a Pyromaniac!

We went to "spill the beans" after dinner (it's only like the BEST place in the WORLD to get icecream! They have another store right outside of Clemson and I always LOVED going there to get icecream!) It was pretty late, so Benson was getting sleepy and decided to lay in Trey's lap... what a sweetie...

"Hmm.. I think I might like this icecream stuff... "

"Ok, nope. I was wrong."

It's hard to believe we've been best friends for fifteen years. That means we are really old. We weren't even fifteen when we became best friends. Therefore we've been best friends longer than we haven't been best friends. How do ya like that cool statistic!


Ok.. well.. it's an unusual fort... Benson's gotten a cold that has turned into a pretty yucky cough/respiratory bug. We've had a few long nights and a few scary times of wheezing and coughing. A few nights ago, when his respirations increased a bit we needed to get him in some steam to open his airways, so we built this little fort and boiled some water and sat under it and played for a while. It worked like a charm and really helped him a lot.

The steam fogged up the camera!

And the next morning he was feeling a lot better...
Here he is stirring the pancake batter (while sporting the oven mitt) Talented little guy.
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A little bit of this and that...

We went to one of Uncle T's basketball games at Dorman. Will, Hannah and Addie Grace were all there. I think the kids thought all the people were there to watch them run around. They have such a blast playing together...
Water break! My turn! My Turn!


Air Will!

Air Hannah at half time!

RUNNING all around the court at half time

For whatever reason, our house has become static electric. "Papa" says it's because there has been low humidity lately. I had just washed Peaches and before I combed her out... this is what she looked like... (if this is what her hair was doing- imagine how beautiful MINE looked! )


Sugars from Grandmama

Benson's learning to eat from a spoon! What a big boy!!

I wish you could hear the sounds he makes when he does his hands out like this... (he says "i don't know-- without any words-- just the sounds "uhhh uh uhHHhh?" it's hilarious.) And he loves my dish gloves. Silly thing.

Happy Birthday Uncle T! (The "1" candle again... idk?)

Benson loves the "fire" at Grandmama and Grandaddy's House. They have gas logs, but he insists on trying to blow them out...

Benson and Addie Grace... Can you believe how big she's getting? I think they look a bit alike here... maybe it's because they're both bald... well, actually, Addie Grace has get him beat by a bit...

And of course we love tractor pics...

Late December snapshots...

We got an invitation (well, really, I think BENSON got an invitation and we were the ones who brought him, so we got to join in as well....) to the annual Hunter/Caldwell Breakfast outing! It was great to get to hang out with Rachel, Paul and Stephanie. They could be one of the most hilarious families I've ever met! Love them!

Nana and Papa with Benson and Mrs. Rachel

Benson with Stephanie... sorry for the blur... sometimes it's hard to catch a moving target!

Benson and Hannah helped grandmama Blow out her birthday candle on Decemeber 31! (Not sure why we have a "1" on the cake?)

Benson and Hannah enjoyed "helping" Grandmama pack up her Christmas decorations

Sunday, January 4, 2009

December 2008 was one busy month!

OK-- so seriously-- I should make a new years resolution to go on a picture-taking diet. According to my picture editor, I took 587 pictures in December. That's the ones that I DIDN'T delete! Which means it's just plain scary to think how many there were to begin with!
Well.. the good news is... I didn't miss a minute of December for the blog! Even though I've been absent this month, I've been thinking about all of you faithful blog readers out there and I've got the Post of All Posts... Everything from the zoo, to Christmas to Carrie's baby shower... You'll find it all below.. you might want to break it into segments though.. It's a lot to take in all at once! As a matter of fact... you have to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the blog to see more of what I've posted from Christmastime. Whoa.. that's a new record! :) Have fun re-living December of 2008 with us!...

This is a little video of the children singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day. It's a little long, but sweet nonetheless! Benson was proud to show the other children how to blow out candles...

The Zoo with Hannah and Will

Benson got to go to the zoo for the second time in two weeks! He had a ball with Hannah and Will!
Due to the vast number of pictures and videos I've uploaded tonight (and one zoo post already) I'm just going to post this one picture on the blog... They are all adorable, so if you have the time and would like to can click here to see all the pics!

Carrie's baby shower!

This was the invitation for Carrie's shower.. courtesy of SugarLump Stationery! :) I'm having so much fun with my little company! It was neat getting to create something for my own party this time!

Carrie's Due March 27! She's having a little girl and they are going to name her Allison (Carrie's Middle Name) and call her Ali! I can't wait to meet the little cutie! We had fun showering Carrie with all sorts of goodies!
I sure do miss The Moores living is SC! Texas is way too far away!

Click Here to see all the pictures

The food!

The crew!

The poopy diaper game! (the object is to identify different melted candy bars in baby diapers...)

She looks so sweet holding this poop.

Miss this friend! Love her belly!