Thursday, January 22, 2009

A visit to Greenville!

Benjamin, Benson and I went to spend the night with "K-K" and Trey in Greenville this past weekend. It was great getting to see them and hang out for a while! Benson LOVES them both so much!


Mr. Trey let Benson blow out the candles at the restaurant... therefore he quickly made Benson's "A-list."

We ate at Trio's in Greenville. They have delicious brick-oven pizza. Brick-oven's use fire, therefore Benson loved the place. Are you seeing a theme here? I think we're raising a Pyromaniac!

We went to "spill the beans" after dinner (it's only like the BEST place in the WORLD to get icecream! They have another store right outside of Clemson and I always LOVED going there to get icecream!) It was pretty late, so Benson was getting sleepy and decided to lay in Trey's lap... what a sweetie...

"Hmm.. I think I might like this icecream stuff... "

"Ok, nope. I was wrong."

It's hard to believe we've been best friends for fifteen years. That means we are really old. We weren't even fifteen when we became best friends. Therefore we've been best friends longer than we haven't been best friends. How do ya like that cool statistic!

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