Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two advertisements....

Kelli made this ADORABLE appliqued onsie for Benson and brought it to him today! It was so sweet of her! Thanks, Kell! I think it's my new favorite shirt. Every little kid would be even cuter with one of her onsies on... Go visit her website and get one for your little cutie today!

Benson pointed to the "B" and said "cute." Ha!

Reading the "B"ig red "B"arn with his "B" shirt on!

Advertisement #2

"K-K" came into town to keep the twins today so we went out to eat at FUSION BOWL which is totally my favorite restaurant right now. Benson, Ashley and I were featured in the Fusion Bowl ad in the Lexington Life Magazine due to our faithfulness in eating there every "Ash Wednesday" last semester. CLICK HERE to see the ad (it's a PDF file and we're on page 34) I discovered a new sushi roll I like there today- it's called the "Delacota" (ok- so, yeah, I totally just called the restaurant to ask them the name of this roll because I forgot and yes, it is THAT good.) It's got tempura (aka chinese-ly fried) shrimp, with avocado and cream cheese and then topped with spicy crab (which really isn't spicy.) I mean, DE-LISH! They have a lot other than Sushi-- They've got Hibachi and Chinese- anything Asian. It's all good!
If you live around/visit the lexington area- go try it! You won't be sad you did! (But go at lunch- It's double the price for the same amount of food at dinner- as much as I love it, I can't bring myself to pay double at dinner for what I can get half price at lunch!
They should really pay me for this advertisement. Or at least give me a free meal out of it. Seriously. :)
Here we are with the three kids, each in a high chair... The kids didn't really cooperate with the whole picture-taking thing...

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  1. We'll have to try the Fusion Bowl since it comes so highly recommended! :) Will loves sushi and I've driven past it and wondered if it is any good. Thanks for the suggestion.