Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tender moments...

This baby loves his big brother...

sleepy smile

And this big brother loves his baby...

holding hands

You can see it on his face...

smiley baby

There's nothing like a brother...


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i'll give you one guess...

as to what can make a face go from this...


to this...

sweet face

cockeyed smile

to this...


and then all out this...


Any guesses??





yeah... they are enjoying each other :)


And I'm enjoying THEM! :)

benson big smile

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Boy on his Big Boy Bike!

For Benson's Fourth birthday, we took him to Toys-R-Us and let him pick out a bike... 
can you guess what his favorite color is???

Thank goodness the 5+ helmet still fits my 4+ child's head...



Sometimes when you're four and riding your bike in the driveway for the first time, you crash...


So you must dust yourself off and try again, try again... 
you just have to FOCUS...


Riding a big boy bike is FUN! :)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tightie Whities...

...The perfect place to holster your pirate sword...




Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The last of the beach pics...

Now that it's almost September, I feel like it's a good time to go ahead and wrap up our family beach pics from June :D

I love this picture... his sweet little contented smile...


conked out on the beach...


The beach baby tent...


I loved this little moment of Ryan Elizabeth and Uncle Jo...



Uncle J, flying Benson over the waves!


Grandmama giving Benson lunch on the fly...  Now THAT's service!


Uncle T and gymnast Hannah...


Family Beach Pic 2011


The four amigos...


Yall, this was so bad. 
We had been planning it for like six months, and in my head, it played out totally differently.
Jonathan had been wanting a Mac to take to college in the fall.
I had GOTTEN a Mac last May.
And Saved the box.
So, for graduation, we wrapped it up and (here's where it went bad-- ) gave it to his parents to give to him as a gift... (In my original plan, WE were giving him the gift, which would have been a red flag and he would have known something was up... but at the last minute, we decided to let it be from his parents..)

He opened it up and was ELATED!

He was thanking them over and over again and saying they were THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD and that they had "CERTAINLY OUTDONE THEMSELVES"...


And then he opened the box...


And found his "apple" computer. (My old Dell with a half of a real apple taped to the front)

The joke would've been better if we'd have had a real Mac behind door number two.

We did not.

Poor Uncle Jo.

I do think, in the end, we helped him out though... he ended up going to school with a Mac :)

You're a good Sport, Jo! :) 

And that wraps up the beach pics... stay tuned for more summer 2011 :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Benson's Fourth Birthday

On June 8, 2011, our baby turned FOUR!
We had gone, the night before, to the Pirates Voyage and then, the day of, we went and played Pirate Put-Put...   We just did a small celebration with the cousins while we were at the beach...  which, when you have six cousins, kinda turns in to an instant party! 

birthday boy

blowin out the candles

fam pic

What a delight and gift these four years have been for us.  To watch our little baby grow into the hilarious, smart, loving, friendly, outgoing four year old he is today, is one of the greatest blessings we've ever received from the Lord.  We are grateful. 

Happy Fourth Birthday, Benson!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pirates Voyage: Cap'n Mama's Review of the Show

In case you didn't know, we've been on QUITE the pirate kick around here.  On the way to the beach, we kept seeing these billboards about a dinner show called "Piarates Voyage."  So when we called the information number and the chicky answered with,
"Ahoy! Would you like to make a resAARRRRRvation?" 
We were sold.

Here is a link to their website.

It was Benson's birthday while we were at the beach, so we took our little mateys and set sail for a Pirates Voyage!


They've remade the old "Dixie Stampede" in to this pirates paradise! It's a pretty incredible facility.  I love this pic.  It looks like we just stuck our four four year olds out in the middle of the street to take their picture.  Ok, well, that isn't too far off from what we did, but they were supervised.



The resARRRvation lady told us to arrive at 6:30 for the 8:00 show because there was "sand art" and "pirate and mermaid dress up" activities.  With all the craziness, we didn't get there til 7, and honestly I'm glad we didn't get there any sooner... the "activites" cost extra (an extra $5 and $20 respectively), and since the tickets were already pretty expensive, (around $20 per child and $40 per adult) there was no need to fork out any more dough.  It was cool enough without the added costs :)


Upon our early arrival, we waited in a saloon-type area where they had singing and dancing as well as *beverages* and snacks for purchase.  Again, in my opinion, not worth getting there early for... as a matter of fact, if I had it to do over again, we'd skip it all together.  There were a couple of songs that had some *questionable* lyrics.  I know it's a pirate thing, but we play sweet, kind, nice pirates (who also take treasure and sword fight) :)  Not the kind that hop around singing "what do you do with a drunken sailor" or singing how we do it all for the "beer and tobacco."
Um. No thanks.
The actual show itself was very kid friendly and fun sported, this pre-show, however, I think was meant for the *adults* who chose to attend, sans kids. 


our fam at the pirates

benson with the pirate

Thomas enjoyed himself :)
Actually, I will say, about taking babies to this... we got all the way to the door from a far away parking spot before we were informed that we couldn't take a stroller or an infant carrier seat in with us.  After seeing the set-up I understand space is limited, but it would have been nice to know that beforehand so we didn't have to send the guys trekking back across the hot parking lot for nothin! :)

t at the pirates

The seats are lined all around the theater.  It's really neat!

Before the show, the kids went down on the stage area and took a picture with the canon.
A few of the mateys didn't quite know what to think about going near a real pirate ship with a real canon :)
They have a 17 foot deep "lagoon" that they perform some pretty spectacular stunts in... here's a matey driving a dingy.  Our "crew" was the crimson pirates. :) 

There was a lot of this face. 
I love this face.


The food was good and there was a LOT of it.  We took home MANY doggy bags. 
As far as the $40 per person ticket price, I thought about it like this:
if you go out to eat at the beach, even if it's just a seafood buffet, you'll likely end up paying around $20 to eat anyway... so in my mind, it's basically $20 for your meal and then $20 for the show.  And the kids got the same portions as the adults, even at the $20 cost-  After breaking it down, I felt like it was pretty reasonable.  :)  It was like dinner, the circus, an animal show, and a fun competition all rolled into one!


See the pirate doing the toe-touch?  Yeah, he's about to dive into the water below.
There were some really awesome stunts!


Even the girls, who really aren't into pirates, could appreciate the animals.  They had everything from sea lions, to geese, to birds, to a HORSE that WALKED on the water (whiiich, I didn't get a picture of... but I DID get the sea lion :) )! 




At the end, we received a message from Dolly Pardon.  Well, not the real one, she was on a screen, but even the real one on the screen didn't look real, if you know what  mean...
There were also, in true pirate fashion, mermaids and treasure...


Our little matey had a great time!  I'm so glad we ended up going! It really was a fun show and a cool experience.  I'd recommend it!  The only scary part involved some flashing lights and thunder and some people in black suits with bones painted on them coming up out of the water.  (The "story" they tell revolves around the lagoon being haunted, which, isn't ideal, but we kinda tried to downplay that part and focus on the pirate competition taking place between the crimson and sapphire pirates as well as the animals.)

fam in front of the ship

If you're in myrtle beach and have a little pirate on your hands, I'd say go for it! :)
Our little pirates had a gaaarrrrrrrreat time :)