Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The last of the beach pics...

Now that it's almost September, I feel like it's a good time to go ahead and wrap up our family beach pics from June :D

I love this picture... his sweet little contented smile...


conked out on the beach...


The beach baby tent...


I loved this little moment of Ryan Elizabeth and Uncle Jo...



Uncle J, flying Benson over the waves!


Grandmama giving Benson lunch on the fly...  Now THAT's service!


Uncle T and gymnast Hannah...


Family Beach Pic 2011


The four amigos...


Yall, this was so bad. 
We had been planning it for like six months, and in my head, it played out totally differently.
Jonathan had been wanting a Mac to take to college in the fall.
I had GOTTEN a Mac last May.
And Saved the box.
So, for graduation, we wrapped it up and (here's where it went bad-- ) gave it to his parents to give to him as a gift... (In my original plan, WE were giving him the gift, which would have been a red flag and he would have known something was up... but at the last minute, we decided to let it be from his parents..)

He opened it up and was ELATED!

He was thanking them over and over again and saying they were THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD and that they had "CERTAINLY OUTDONE THEMSELVES"...


And then he opened the box...


And found his "apple" computer. (My old Dell with a half of a real apple taped to the front)

The joke would've been better if we'd have had a real Mac behind door number two.

We did not.

Poor Uncle Jo.

I do think, in the end, we helped him out though... he ended up going to school with a Mac :)

You're a good Sport, Jo! :) 

And that wraps up the beach pics... stay tuned for more summer 2011 :)

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  1. Paul gave me my first MAC in a Toshiba box for Christmas 2005. Some people are so clever. Glad Jonathan got a real MAC for college.