Thursday, February 2, 2012

The First Annual Camp Waghabe

camp waghabe 2011 pic

This is just a little snippet from the First Annual Camp Waghabe...
I wasn't there to take pics (no parents allowed!!) so these are just a couple that Uncle Jo snapped for me with his phone...
Oh, you've never heard of Camp Waghabe?
It's only the coolest camp EVER!



This past summer, Grandmama had the first four grandchildren (you have to be potty trained to attend Camp Waghabe) for a three day Bible School at her house.  It was a non-stop, fun filled, BIBLE filled, time of just absolute JOY had by these grandkids.

I asked if it would eventually become camp WAGHABE..RE...E...T dot dot...
but Camp Director Grandmama has decided that that might end up getting a little out of hand at some point and so it has been decided that it shall forever be known as "Camp Waghabe," but all potty trained grandchildren are invited! :)

I really can't even describe the impact those three days had on Benson.  He talked NON STOP about making a REAL Noah's ark out of a refrigerator box, getting to knock down the columns (kiddie basketball goals) as Samson, Floating his very own baby moses down the creek in a tar covered basket, painting, coloring, doing all sorts of crafts and fun snacks, dancing around and just spending TIME with his cousins at Camp Waghabe!  It was such a blessing and so much fun and he can't WAIT to go back next year! :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Alamo

On Our Last day in San Antonio, we visited the downtown area, the River Walk and the Alamo! 
Here's a little Alamo history for ya, in case you, like me, had heard of it, but didn't really know what it was...

fam in front of the alamo

stick em up

The Riverwalk area was so pretty!

san antonio river walk

And then it was time to load the plane and head back home! 
San Antonio most definitely wore this little four year old, OUT! 

sleeping on the plane

t and b on the plane

Looking for a neat family destination? 
San Antonio was FULL of fun!  We would highly recommend it! :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sea World, San Antonio

We're still in July, 2011 here, folks... Sea World, this time.

Sea World was awesome.  And Hot.  Like, really, REALLY hot. 

You know, there's a lot of asphalt at sea world... and as we were walking around in the Texas, July heat, on that asphalt, I felt very much like an egg in a frying pan.  As I've said before, I don't do hot very gracefully...

Heat aside, it was awesome. 
I loved getting to see the shows and watch Benson's amazement at all of it...


jumping whale

whale in the air


smiley whale

gmama and gaddy with t

whale roller coaster

smiley t

Whoever had the idea of putting a water park in the middle of Sea World, San Antonio was a GENIUS!!!


so hot

totally soaked

lula and t

I love that Dolphins are always smiling.  :)  They are such happy mammals :)

feeding the dolphins

Benson got to feed the dolphins...

touching the nose

And pet the dolphins...

feeding the dolphin

Sea World Rocks.  Again, San Antonio ROCKS!!  A great place to visit, for sure!!! 

fam at seaworld

Monday, January 30, 2012

San Antonio Texas

In July (of 2011, that is... which is ridiculous that I have to specify....not that July of 2012 has happened yet, just sayin' it's been a while back...)

We went to San Antonio, Texas!  It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!

In July (of 2011), when he was two and a half months old, Thomas took his first plane ride!  I took my first plane ride on our honeymoon.  At 22 years old.  This is no joke.  My (now, nine month old) already has a head start on me in a lot of ways! :)

And Benson is so natural at smiling here...

tom's first plane ride

Thomas had just STARTED smiling.  I LOVE those first smiles.  Nothin' like em. 

smiley monkey

And Oh those EYEBROWS.  I cannot contort my eyebrows in this way.  This most definitely is a Ryan trait. 


We stayed at the J.W. Mariott in San Antonio  and it had an INSANE water park with a gazillion pools and massive water slides all over the place, right on the property.  Benson asks about once a week, when we're going back to San Antonio, Texas.  :)  It was by far the coolest family resort/hotel I've ever experienced. 


It's was the coolest resort Thomas had ever experienced as well. 

gmama and tom

He was a fan of resort life. 

resort life

The water slides were incredible.  Here's Uncle Jo...

jo on the slide

And Benjamin with Benson...

daddy and benson on the slide

Uncle J with B....

j and b on the slide

Uncle J and Uncle Jo...

j and jo on the slide

And Even GRANDMAMA and GRANDADDY had fun on the water slides!!! :)


You can see so FAR in Texas!  I mean, miles and miles! 

fam pic on the cliff

We were in the "Hill Country" and ate at a restaurant on the top of a "hill" and I couldn't believe how far we could see!! 

boys on the cliff

More enjoying resort life...

resort life day two

I love those squishy, itty bitty arms...

resort life day two closeup

Here's our crew!  We were so excited that Uncle J and Aunt Brittany were able to come on their first trip this year, too!!  We look forward to MANY more fun times together!  It's great to love the people you work with and it's even sweeter when they are family!

whole fam

San Antonio ROCKS!  :)

our fam

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lash's Wedding Day

And here's the pics from July 23, 2011! 
When Lash and Chris became "Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn!"

bride and groom

bride and jess

mama and benson









ryans and ingrams


for football