Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thomas' Birth Announcement


Second trip in his 13 day old life...

Savannah Georgia, May 11, 2011

whole fam

For Thomas' 13 day old birthday, we took a trip to Savannah, GA. 
Ok, not really. 
It actually didn't have anything to do with him...
it was a Farm Bureau weekend function that kids aren't even supposed to go to...
but they made an exception for a 13 day old kid. 
13 day old kids need their mamas. 
So do almost four year old kids. 
But what almost four year old kids REALLY need is their 13 day old brothers...

As I was packing up our things for Savannah, and Bensons things for a mountain weekend with Nana and Papa, Benson, still very enamored with his baby brother asked if he could take Thomas WITH him to the mountains.  I nonchalantly told him that "No, Thomas needed to be with mama and daddy since he was still so little" and left it at that.

I called to check on Benson Saturday night and he asked again if he could "please please PLEASE bring Thomas up to the mountains with him"
to which I replied:
"Thomas has to stay with me because I have to be able to feed him."
There was silence on the other end of the phone...
He had dropped it and run to nana and asked...
"Nana!  Do YOU have boobies!?"

He's a troubleshooter, for sure. 

I wouldn't want to leave this little cutie either!  OR the one on the right! ;)

daddy with the boy

mama with  the boy

When Benjamin was a baby, there was a lady who would babysit him and nicknamed him "The Judge" because he would oftentimes have this very serious, stern look on his face.
I think we may have another "The Judge" on our hands! :)
Look at those eyebrows!!

the judge

The only thing sweeter...

The only this sweeter than being fast asleep in these arms...


Is being kissed by these lips...

daddy sugar

Trust me. 
I know.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Clemson Tiger from the start!

You know you've been waiting on it...
The first post with a paw. 

tiger hat

Ten Day old Thomas Hunter Ryan.
Future Clemson Graduate.
Class of 2033.

His namesakes, Thomas Henry Ryan (Benjamin's Grandaddy) 
and HIS grandaddy, Tom Ryan, Jr. 
as well as his daddy are all graduates of Clemson University.  
Our boys will be fourth generation!  
The third Thomas Ryan in our family to attend CU! 
It's in his blood. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My little bundle of joy...

Oh you sweet, sweet baby boy.  Your Mama loves you to pieces. 

bundled up

my precious doodles...

snuggly in the bed blush

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Baby Thomas, Eight Days Old

This is another one of those outfits that was hanging on a hanger at the foot of my bed for the months I was on bedrest.  I had gotten this little Kissy Kissy outfit for Thomas the day after we found out we were expecting a boy.  It came from Minnie's Giftique in Hartsville.  It's my favorite store here.  I look for excuses to go there :)  If you've received a gift from me in the last year, it likely came from Minnie's :) and you likely loved it :) It's that kinda place :)

I must say, he's even more presh in it than I dreamed :) 

sweet lil face wih hands


lil lips

sweet eyes


One of my favorite things about being this little guys mama, 
is that I get to kiss those sweet little lips any time I want to! :*

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mama with her boys

Here's a few snaps Lash took of me and my boys...
I love being mama to two boys :)

mama with her boys

And this little punkin' has stolen my heart!

mama and t

I couldn't BE more blessed than to be the mama of these two precious boys!!!

mamand the boys huggy bw

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our first trip...

We took our first trip to Lexington when Thomas was five days old... nothing like packing up a newborn and all their gear for a week long trip... we really should invest in a u-haul. I've never been a light packer... and now, it's reached the level of absurdity. 

Packing aside, it was a great trip and Thomas got to spend time with lots of family.  He's already got a lot of people who love him :)  He's a blessed little boy!

Uncle Chris got to meet Thomas for the first time!  It's crazy to think that Thomas will never know Chris as anything other than "Uncle!"  When Benson was born, Chris was still in High School-  still a lil ways away from "Uncle Status."  ;)


Here he is eating Mexican for the first time with Nana...
Ok, WE were eating Mexican.
So I guess that means he ate Mexican later on... :)

nana feeding t

He got to meet his Great Grandmama Johnson!

granny with sleeping t

Granny is 91!  It's so neat to see her with such a new little person.
What a gift of years she's been given!

granny and thomas

Thomas got to go to Hite Street and meet his Great Aunt Bonnie and His Great Grandaddy, Papa Hite! 

bonnie and papa hite

And Benson always loves getting to go to Hite Street.  He had SO.MUCH.FUN. riding on the Gator with Aunt Bonnie.  His face in this picture is priceless... it makes me laugh! :)

with aunt bonnie in the gator

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Ruth is HERE!!!

Patricia Ruth Ingram, "Ruthie"
was born on June 21, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.
She weighed 8lbs.1oz. and is just PERFECT!!! 
Mama and baby are both doing great!

kell jess and ruth

I could take a BITE of this sweet "Baby Ruth!"  :) 

aunt jess and ruthie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day, Papa!!!

Happy Father's Day to Papa!  Your girls and boys want to wish you a very happy day!  

We're so blessed to have you for a father and grandfather!    Benson loves getting "body-slammed" and getting put in the "head lock. "  There's just something about having grandSONS that's extra fun for a dad of two girls :) Not that'd we'd have it any other way... It's always been fun being "the girls,"  but I have to admit, seeing you with "my boys" is something extra special. 
You are such a wonderful man and we're all proud to have your genes :) 

Happy Fathers Day!!!
We Love You!!!

lash and us

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Little Trains

Grandmama Lula got this sweet little train outfit for Thomas when he was still in my tummy.  For the longest time, I had it hanging on a hanger on our dresser so I could see it from my many days in the bed. It was definitely an encouragement to "keep my eye on the goal."
To see our sweet baby boy all dolled up in it is just such a precious sight :)

train outfit

little train outfit

train sweet

Friday, June 10, 2011

lil cougar

Papa's school, Pleasant Hill Middle School, has a "cougar" for a mascot.
Some of the teachers gave him this cute little onsie when Thomas was born.

lil cougar horizontal 5x7

I think maybe they should consider THOMAS as the official school baby mascot.  :)

lil cougar long

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Does this picture remind you of anything???


We like to do things as a family :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Years ago today...

I got to hold my sweet little Benson for the first time...


We fell in love with him and became a family of three...


I had never laid eyes on anything so adorable! 


And I never could have imagined how much the Lord would BLESS us over the next four years!  
Happy Fourth Birthday Benson!!!

b ryan fam pic on the beach

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

little do these two know...

What a gift they will be to each other...

full length

They will look to each other for fun, advice and friendship in the years to come...

head shot

And we've got a picture of them with their "raisins" still on, to remember the GIFT of having sweet cousins so close in age. 
And we thought Benson and Hannah being one MONTH apart was close!  :) 
Thomas and Ella are six DAYS apart! 
It's so incredible!


Monday, June 6, 2011

brotha from anotha motha

Thomas is Ella's "brotha from anotha motha."
They have different dad's too.
But their dad's ARE brotha's.
And her dad has his name.
Chew on THAT awhile will ya?!

brothers and their babies

Thomas Henry Ryan,III holding Ella Ann Ryan, born May 4, 2011, just six days after Thomas Hunter Ryan was born.
Yes, Thomas and Susie had a girl, and yes, we named our son Thomas Ryan.
Still with me?


Ok, now here's the test:
Who's who, and how are they related?....

uncle t

And here's Jeremy and Brittany with their twins.
Ok, not really.  But they'd make cute ones.
I'm ready for some more nieces and nephews, guys! ;)

aunt britt and uncle j

Uncle Jo and Thomas....
Keepin it real...

uncle jo

On the day we met Ella, it was just a day away from Hannah's birthday, so even though we had a party later in the month, we ate cake.  We're always looking for a reason to eat Publix cake :)

h is 4

And if these aren't some cuties...
Three adorable Ryan girls under the age of four.
All born in May.
May 4 (ella), 9 (hannah) and 22 (addie grace). 
That's one happy, blessed, and busy household! :)

fam pic by the cake

We were so excited to get to meet Ella for the first time!!! 
... more pics to come! (of course ;) )

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Doctors Visit

We took Thomas in for his one week checkup....





At one week old, he weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce.  Everything looked great!  
Time's flying by!