Monday, June 6, 2011

brotha from anotha motha

Thomas is Ella's "brotha from anotha motha."
They have different dad's too.
But their dad's ARE brotha's.
And her dad has his name.
Chew on THAT awhile will ya?!

brothers and their babies

Thomas Henry Ryan,III holding Ella Ann Ryan, born May 4, 2011, just six days after Thomas Hunter Ryan was born.
Yes, Thomas and Susie had a girl, and yes, we named our son Thomas Ryan.
Still with me?


Ok, now here's the test:
Who's who, and how are they related?....

uncle t

And here's Jeremy and Brittany with their twins.
Ok, not really.  But they'd make cute ones.
I'm ready for some more nieces and nephews, guys! ;)

aunt britt and uncle j

Uncle Jo and Thomas....
Keepin it real...

uncle jo

On the day we met Ella, it was just a day away from Hannah's birthday, so even though we had a party later in the month, we ate cake.  We're always looking for a reason to eat Publix cake :)

h is 4

And if these aren't some cuties...
Three adorable Ryan girls under the age of four.
All born in May.
May 4 (ella), 9 (hannah) and 22 (addie grace). 
That's one happy, blessed, and busy household! :)

fam pic by the cake

We were so excited to get to meet Ella for the first time!!! 
... more pics to come! (of course ;) )

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  1. Oh, I love all the pics:) Thomas and Ella are going to have such a good time growing up together! Sweet photos everyone!!