Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our first trip...

We took our first trip to Lexington when Thomas was five days old... nothing like packing up a newborn and all their gear for a week long trip... we really should invest in a u-haul. I've never been a light packer... and now, it's reached the level of absurdity. 

Packing aside, it was a great trip and Thomas got to spend time with lots of family.  He's already got a lot of people who love him :)  He's a blessed little boy!

Uncle Chris got to meet Thomas for the first time!  It's crazy to think that Thomas will never know Chris as anything other than "Uncle!"  When Benson was born, Chris was still in High School-  still a lil ways away from "Uncle Status."  ;)


Here he is eating Mexican for the first time with Nana...
Ok, WE were eating Mexican.
So I guess that means he ate Mexican later on... :)

nana feeding t

He got to meet his Great Grandmama Johnson!

granny with sleeping t

Granny is 91!  It's so neat to see her with such a new little person.
What a gift of years she's been given!

granny and thomas

Thomas got to go to Hite Street and meet his Great Aunt Bonnie and His Great Grandaddy, Papa Hite! 

bonnie and papa hite

And Benson always loves getting to go to Hite Street.  He had SO.MUCH.FUN. riding on the Gator with Aunt Bonnie.  His face in this picture is priceless... it makes me laugh! :)

with aunt bonnie in the gator

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