Thursday, February 26, 2009

the BOWL!

We went to Fusion Bowl (woot woot!) today with Benson's great Grannie and Papa Hite! I told them that the sushi was great, so they ordered a Rock roll! I was SO impressed! Way to go out on a limb, guys!
Don't they look cute? :)

Benson decided to try to eat his lunch with chopsticks.. it was quite hilarious watching him try to SPEAR the bread with his chopstick...


"Hey, I've got the hang of this..."

"Mama, I think I want to start eating with chopsticks all the time!"

Cracking up with GG!

I said, "Benson, say "cheese!"" and this is what I got.... what a ham! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Kelli's Long-Haired Dachshund, Winnie had a litter of puppies and she brought them to visit us today! This was the first time Benson's gotten to play with puppies and he loved them! She had two girls and four boys-- both of the girls and one of the boys are spoken for--but there are still three PRECIOUS boys for sale! Let me know if you're interested gettting a sweet little pup-a-lup for your family!

Our favorite one.. Paisley! :)

She looks like she's smiling here!

Benson "Reading"

I realized a couple of weeks back, that Benson was saying the words as I read them from his "I love my Daddy" book-- We were finally able to capture it on video-- It's a little long, so I had to upload it on you-tube-- sorry for those of you who read the blog from work and can't see you-tube videos!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Benson got to lick the brownie bowl bowl for the first time! He thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever!!

First hair.
This is rather odd... Benson has practically no hair. If you were describing him to someone, you would say he is bald.. however, i noticed this past week, that over his right ear, he has this ONE hair that is over an inch and a half long. It hangs down over his ear. I had to capture it in a picture, because I figured no one would believe me that Bensons HAIR (singular) is growing!!

Happy Birthday K-K!

We celebrated Kelli's Birthday on February 5th! We've celebrated many birthday's together, and I can't believe we're old enough for my son to help her blow out her candles. Time flies!! Since Benson got to help her blow out the candles, he was totally pumped! He also LOVED getting to hang out with one of his favorite people-- Kelli's husband, Trey!

Megan, Kelli's sis, Kell and me!

Happy Birthday, Kell! We had a great time celebrating with you!

Happy Birthday to Nana!

Happy Birthday Nana!

Birthday Sugar, better than cake and ice cream!

sweet hugs

Picking out some dessert

Kisses for Aunt Ash-- Look at those lips!


Layne, or as Benson lovingly refers to her, Yayne, came down for a visit! We had a ball-- it's always so refreshing to spend time with her. Now if we could just get Mark and her to move to Lexington...


Love this roomie!

Chillin... Benson Style

And this is a funny video of Benson riding his firetruck... note his face when he comes around the corner.. as well as Layne's impersonation of him...

bath time!

We haven't had any nakey shots in a while-- this was Benson running to get in the shower-- can you tell he looks forward to this time?

Natasha, Zachariah, and Sue Plus Granny's 89th Birthday

Benjamin's Cousin's and Aunt from Iowa came to town a few weeks back. We love spending time with them and wish they lived closer. We took the opportunity of their being here to have a family reunion and celebrate Granny's 89th Birthday. It was a wonderful weekend full of sweet memories.
Here's the gang at a Dorman Basketball game (where Thomas, Benjamin's brother is the coach and Matthew, Benjamin's cousin plays...) It was an away game and we like, WERE the cheering section.

Benson's on this "yemon" kick. Everytime we order water, he asks for our "Yemon" and loves eating them.. he makes hilarious faces, but just keeps going back for more!

All four grandbabies...

Playing nerts with the fam

"Helping" Natasha with her Nerts hand

The whole gang ( minus addie grace who was asleep and daniel (one of Benjamins cousins who is in college and was at Windy Gap leading a Young Life group)) Click on the pic to see everybody's faces more clearly.

Zac. Nice. :)

Zac, Sue (Mrs. Lula's brother who passed away's wife), Granny and Natasha

The Black's (Mrs. Lula's Sister, Lisa's Family)

The Johnson's (Mrs. Lula's Brother Hubert's Family)

The Ryans (Addie Grace was still asleep for this pic-- but please do click on the pic and look at Mr. Tom holding her stand-in)

Happy 89th Birthday Granny!!

The reunion scene

Benson and Natash. He loved her!!

Will and Addie Grace-- what's funny is, neither of these have that dark "ryan" look, but they look like they could be brother and sister!