Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second trip in his 13 day old life...

Savannah Georgia, May 11, 2011

whole fam

For Thomas' 13 day old birthday, we took a trip to Savannah, GA. 
Ok, not really. 
It actually didn't have anything to do with him...
it was a Farm Bureau weekend function that kids aren't even supposed to go to...
but they made an exception for a 13 day old kid. 
13 day old kids need their mamas. 
So do almost four year old kids. 
But what almost four year old kids REALLY need is their 13 day old brothers...

As I was packing up our things for Savannah, and Bensons things for a mountain weekend with Nana and Papa, Benson, still very enamored with his baby brother asked if he could take Thomas WITH him to the mountains.  I nonchalantly told him that "No, Thomas needed to be with mama and daddy since he was still so little" and left it at that.

I called to check on Benson Saturday night and he asked again if he could "please please PLEASE bring Thomas up to the mountains with him"
to which I replied:
"Thomas has to stay with me because I have to be able to feed him."
There was silence on the other end of the phone...
He had dropped it and run to nana and asked...
"Nana!  Do YOU have boobies!?"

He's a troubleshooter, for sure. 

I wouldn't want to leave this little cutie either!  OR the one on the right! ;)

daddy with the boy

mama with  the boy

When Benjamin was a baby, there was a lady who would babysit him and nicknamed him "The Judge" because he would oftentimes have this very serious, stern look on his face.
I think we may have another "The Judge" on our hands! :)
Look at those eyebrows!!

the judge


  1. these are so cute! and benson is hilarious!!! p.s. what photo editing tool do you use? your pictures always look so great!

  2. hilarious!! laughed out loud for sure!!

  3. I love Benson's thinking--he is so funny! Hope y'all had a good trip in Savannah!