Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hilton HEAD

Notice any difference between this picture:

lash and benson on the bike
and the one from the 
daddy and benson on the bike
OTHER than the fact that Lash replaced Benjamin as the driver?

Benson's helmet changed from blue to green.  And it's not just the lighting in the picture...

Upon arriving at the beach, Nana and Papa showed us the bikes they had rented, complete with child seat.  
I, being the conscientious mother that I am, asked if the seat came with a helmet?  Which, to my dismay, I found that, it did not.  

So.... safety first... I sent my husband to TarJay in search of Benson's first helmet.  

Benjamin, standing in the bike aisle calls and says, 
"They have two sizes: 3+ and 5+, which do you think I should get?"

to which I replied,
"Well, he DID just turn three and it DOES say PLUS, so I'm sure the 3+ will be good.."

So, Benjamin returns from the 20 PLUS minute drive to Target with the 3+, blue bike helmet and Benson is PUMPED about trying on his very first bicycle helmet.  

We take it out of the bag, cut the tags off and place it on the child's head.  

It won't fit. 

So I took it off, adjusted the little head belt thing and replaced it on my three year old child's head.

And pounded with my fist.

Still...  No fit. 

and he's like, "Ow, Mama, it hurts!"

The 3 PLUS size bicycle helmet did not fit my barely three year old child's head. 

This was a moment of realization for me.  

My barely three year old child has a five PLUS size head.


I hope that means he's just realllllly smart.  

Yeah, that's what it means.  


We DID end up with the right size (5+) bike helmet to fit his (barely 3 year old) head and he had a great time riding the bike around the plantation and to the beach.  

He loved the ocean...

fam pic in the water

But a few times of this:

benson and papa wave

And we had to return to TarJay for some more gear:


Benson and his assistant/watergirl,  Nana.

benson and his assistant nana

When making our drip castle, he insisted that HE be the waterboy...

carrying the water

drip castle

 floppy hat

Wonder where he got that head?!


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