Friday, August 20, 2010

Milk and Spit

Ok, so I know I said I'd want to relive day one in Vienna, but day TWO was my favorite day of all.
Well...   Maybe it was day six.
I would like to replay all of it.

Day Two, we got to go in our itty bitty teeny tiny european car and drove on the autobahn (which does have a speed limit in Austria) and visited two cities that I could actually pronounce.

Melk and Spitz.

The only way I can remember those words is because they sound like "Milk" and "Spit" and learning a new language is all about word association, right?

The town of Spitz is a wine district on the Danube.  There were vineyards everywhere.

vineyards by the danube

more vineyards

in spitz overlooking the danube

We visited a 1000 year old church in Spitz, Austria.  Rob and Jamie toured the town with us...

ron and jamie at the 1000 yr old church color

Lunch on the Danube...

lunch by the danube river

The view from the other side of our lunch table...

view from our table

Driving around in this town was interesting to say the least!
This is a two way street....

skinny streets and park on the sidewalk

We visited a very old monastery in Melk...

in front of melk abbey

This is a view of the town from the Abbey.

city of melk

The monastery is still functional and holds weekly services.
The picture below was taken in the sanctuary.  True story.
This catacomb saint was given as a gift to the church in 1762.
How would you like to sit on the pew next to this each week?

st john baptiste altar plus skeleton

Ornate Spiral staircase in the monastery...

spiral staircase

Thanks for taking me to Austria, B :)


And here's all of the pics from day two: