Monday, August 2, 2010

Suppa time!

We had so much fun hanging out with some of our Lexington pals while we were in Florida.

The Powells were there...

powells vertical

As well as the Williams...
the williams vertical

And we were there too, but that was probably understood...

duck in the background

Jamie has this incredible knack for finding delicious restaurants in every city she ever visits. We, as her friends, benefit greatly from this talent of hers... she found this hole in the wall, local place that had the most yummy seafood.

(thanks, google images for this snap :) I, ashamedly, did not take one)

I didn't take these either.... The adorable little Williams girl, who I would love to sneak home in my suitcase and adopt as Benson's older sister, decided to try her hand at photography with my camera..... I think she's a pretty quick study :)

I would like some large space in my life to be painted this color:


nice candid shot, Miss Williams :)


Yeah, we're related. :)


more florida to come...

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