Thursday, August 12, 2010

Island Fun

Nana and Papa treated us to a delightful week on Hilton Head Island again this year.

If you'd like to see how Benson's practically a teenager as compared to last year, click here to see pictures from our First Annual Hilton Head Island Beach trip featured on the blog, well, last year.

We rented bikes this time... and I'd say the little guy was a fan...

daddy and benson on the bike

Here are my boys, embarking on the beach for the first time in a year...
(remember, the Daytona Beach pics were after these,
because we're doing the summer in reverse 'round here)

walking out to the beach

Do you think Nana and Papa were excited to see this little guy or what?

stepping foot on the beach

Nana got this shovel for Benson. Rather than digging in the sand, like a normal child, he preferred to SMACK the incoming waves with the thing.
Here he is waiting for another one to come in...

hitting the water

This picture makes me want to sing about puff the magic dragon frolicking in the sea.
Not that my son reminds me of a dragon.
But there is definitely some frolicking going on here....

skippin along

waters edge

There were some deep conversations that took place between these two...
and if I heard,
"Nana, tell me a th-tory"
once, I heard it a million times!

benson telling nana about some things

Benjamin, Benson and Chris in the ocean...

b and chris with benson


b and benson in the water



We were there on the fourth of July, and the air force did a fly over down the coast.
What a joy it is to be an American!!!
(you can see the plane in the wayyyy far distance in the triangle of the two middle flags...)

flags on the beach

plane on the beach

Any time Peaches is with her Nana, she's in heaven.. and this time was no different....

nana and peaches

The three Nikons faced off in the First Annual July Fourth Fireworks contest shoot out,
we'll be showcasing the finalists here tomorrow and you can cast your vote for best
Firework Snap.


  1. Why are there no pictures of Benson and his Lash!

  2. ummm.... this is only day one. :) You were just laying on the beach reading all day this day. I cannot help that :) LASH, you anonymous commenter, you!