Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beeeautifully Dressed Benson

Kelli's little sister Megan, who is sorta like my pretend little sister,
since Kell might as well BE my sister and Megan IS her little sister-
there's definitely some kind of tangential family relationship there,
I'm sure of it....
got married on July 10th.

When she got engaged in late February, she called
and asked Benson if he would be her ring bearer.

His response was, "Oh SURE! And I'll wear a BEeeeauuuuuuutiful DRESS!"

Here's some snaps from the rehearsal...
we were able to talk him out of the whole dress thing...


Benson and Lael... deep in coversation...

benson and lael 2

Caught kissin'...


Yeah, he loves her...

love her

And she thinks he's pretty cute too :)

benson and lael 1

The bridesmaids luncheon was gorgeous and they invited me,
even though I wasn't a bridesmaid :)


Me and Kell with the Beautiful Bride-to-be, Megan.
She was the most "chill" bride ever! She just relaxed and enjoyed the day!

the bride

Wonder how many pics we have just like this one? :)
I love em all!
Well, maybe not those awkward middle school years...
but I do love the memories! :)


& tomorrow.... the tiniest tux you've ever seen! :)


  1. Love the photos of Benson and Lael... She loves him!

    We need to clarify this tangential familial relationship soon though so that there is no inappropriateness with Benson and Lael's relationship.

  2. Love, love, love these pics of the punkins!

  3. oh, and I love how they were both wearing blue! I didn't even notice it that night!