Monday, August 16, 2010

First Annual Fireworks Contest WEINER

Thank you, all, for your overwhelming participation in the  
First Annual Fourth of July Fireworks Contest Blog Poll.  
The results were... interesting.

Here's a breakdown of the number of blog readers who commented on their favorite firework snap:
Photo 4:  1 vote
Photo 6:  2 votes
Photo Nine:  2 votes
Photo Five: 3 1/2 ( split vote :) ) 
and the overwheming winner:
Photo Three: with a whopping 7 1/2 votes!  :) 

Now, what's interesting, is that I counted the spit vote on the blog poll,
simply because our trusty judges, Benjamin and Chris,
{Nana disqualified herself as a judge because she watched us pick our favs and knew who took each entry}
couldn't decide either!

I know.  I know.  Real TRUSTY judges these guys are!
I mean, c'mon!!  But they decided to declare a split championship.
Seeing how this was the very first ever in the history of the world
Fourth of July Fireworks Photo Contest, the rules were a little... iffy.

Next year, there will be none of that.
It's ON.
And there WILL be a definitive champion!!
Or we're firing the judges.  

But the split championship was giving to photos ONE and SIX.
With photo FOUR as runner up.

Photo One :  Robbie

Photo Six :  Jess


Photo Four :  Lash


So we actually all ended up with a winner in the top three.  :)  
Our Judges are softies. 
Although, they really didn't know who took each pic.  

Here's who took the others:

Photo Two : Robbie  


Photo Three : Jess


Photo Five :  Lash


Photo Seven :  Jess


Photo Eight :  Robbie


Photo Nine :  Lash


I'm taking ideas for a trophy of some sort.
I'm thinking maybe a bottle rocket dipped in bronze.
But I'm up for suggestions :)

Thanks for playing, people :) 

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