Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Austria Day Three { Part Zwei (two) }

After visiting Abbey Heiligenkreuz and Seegrotte in Hinterbrühl, Austria.  

We stopped at a famous Hunting Lodge in Mayerling but we didn't have time to explore the lodge and instead just ate at the little eatery outside where we had a very odd looking, yet delicious "mixed grill"  (of four different meats) dish for lunch.

It was served on a cutting board.

mixed grill

lunch at the hunting lodge

Here's a nine minute clip of a 1957 TV movie starring Audrey Hepburn that takes place at the Mayerling Hunting Lodge and is based on the true story in which married Crown Prince Rudolph of Habsburg meets and falls in love with the beautiful Countess Maria Vetsera (Hepburn), only to join her in a murder/suicide pact at the Mayerling Hunting Lodge after his father Emperor Franz Josef ordered him to break off the romance...
This is the stuff Hollywood is made of! And it's a true story! And we were there!
 Well, not there, there, but at the location that it took place...

After our delightful drive through Weinerwald, we went back to our hotel room and got all prettied up and loaded a bus that took us to the Vienna Town Hall....

rathauskeller towers

Where we had the privaledge of eating dinner at the Wiener Rathauskeller 
From their website:
Since its completion in 1883, Vienna's Rathaus, or City Hall, has been the headquarters of the city and provincial government. Architect Friedrich Schmidt designed the basement vault as a place for "food and drink".
In 1899, Rathauskeller was inaugurated by then Mayor of Vienna Dr. Karl Lueger with a toast to "His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, Emperor Franz Josef I", and to this day it is known as the home of "good taste".

jess in front of the vienna town hall

They had these sweet little children lining the halls to welcome us with "Welcome to Vienna, Farm Bureau" gingerbread cookies.  

welcome to vienna cookie

Benjamin really embraced the culture...

embracing the culture

They had all kinds of neat entertainment for us during dinner:

Some Knee Slapping...

And some other slapping...

traditional singers

Like. A. Dream... Seriously.

jess and b vintage town hall

View of the Town Hall as we were leaving...

town hall at night

We decided to walk back through the town instead of riding the bus.
In the below picture the president's office is in front of us.  The two flags flying meant he was there!
There was some dissension among the group as to which way we were supposed to be going...

no this way

We passed the Hoffburg Palace on our way home...

hoffburg palace at night

And we could look back across the city and see the town hall.
Where we ate dinner.
We were standing there watching people take pictures of it and we had eaten there.  That night.
I can't even tell you how blessed we felt.

we ate there

And on the way home, we ended our day, the only proper way TO end a day in Vienna...
at the Zanoni & Zanoni Gelateria

tom and lula with their yummy gellato

jess and b with yummy gellato

silly rob gellato

And when we got back to the hotel, we skyped with Benson.

It was 5:03 in the afternoon in Lexington, which makes it 11:03 at night in Vienna.

Now, in taking a look at this screenshot, your first thought might be that Benson is upset with us.

Upset with us for leaving him.
Upset with us for not taking him on our trip with us.
Upset because he misses us so terribly, awfully, bad.

Screen shot 2010-06-28 at 5.03.42 PM

But if you thought that, you would be wrong.  
He was upset with us because we were INTERRUPTING him.  He told us he was (and I quote) "busy."
He was having wayyyy too much fun at Nana and Papa's to stop and talk to his boring ole parents.  
"Can I pleeeease go play now?!"

And so, WE, as his parents, had an awesome time knowing that he didn't miss us one little bit.
Ok, well, we might would've liked him to miss us a little. :)

Day three in the books and on the blog! Check! 

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