Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bye bye, bonita

Ok, so i realized that, technically, I'm not obeying my own set of rules in doing this summer-blog-in-reverse thing, because I did days 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Bonita Springs, instead of 4, 3, 2, and 1...
But since I think that really WOULD cause cyber-whiplash, I'll do each vacation in order, just the vacations, themselves in reverse.

Clear as mud?

Not that you really need to know all of that- I mean, lets just pretend we're still in florida and I'm sitting in my hotel room typing out this post. Then it will feel a little more timely. And we can pretend that I'm so organized, it's sickening, and that I get my posts together the day that they happen (man, I'm good!) ...AND.... I just realized, as the vacations progress in reverse order, I will be losing the weight I gained over all of these delectable vacations as well.

Lovvvvvely. :)

This new way of blogging might be something I need to consider for the long haul! :)

Here's a view of one of the many pools at the resort we stayed in...
as well as my child making his squinty-eyed,
"the suns too bright and i need a nap," face.


And then he got all cute and melted my heart again...


and again...


Farm Bureau always has a "free play" game room where the kids can go and play both old school (the ones their parents actually know how play-- i.e. packman and pinball) and the new arcade-y techy games, that us parents steer clear of, because it embarrasses us that the eight year old boy next to us has his name in every single spot on the "high score" screen and we don't even know how to turn the daggum thing ON!
Not that that happened to US or anything.


We stayed in the safe zone. Pinball. Now THERE's a fun game that people actually know how to play!




I have to say that I really love the pic below. And I didn't take it... my hubs, who probably isn't intrinsically artsy or crafty, (what? I'm just stating the facts) took this picture, and I think the composition is beautiful! B, you're a budding photographer!! :)


At this resort, they have a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows and make s'mores.
I love marshmallows.
I love s'mores.
I love these boys.
So we went and ROASTED. Literally. Ourselves.
It was about 118 degrees already and we were sitting beside a roaring fire.
Thank the Lord for a zoom lens! And a husband who's willing to take one for the team.


Tenille is a much better mother than I am. Look at that smile. Do you think I was smiling?


And how about THESE smiles.. there's nothing like that three-year-old boy, sincere, from the bottom of their heart, true smile for a picture. Riiiiight. It's almost like they've been TAUGHT how clench their teeth and open their mouth when the camera comes out. Seriously.


We're thankful for these friends! Clenched teeth smiles and all!!


The fruits of their roasting.


One. Million. Degrees. And still cute. That's pretty tough to pull off!


A marshmallow up in flames is a little more disappointing when you've sweated a gallon, only watch that perfectly roasted toasty goody go up in flames before it's all said and done....


The Powell guys, chillin, in the heat.


And here's Benson with his pretend older sister. If her parents ever get tired of her, we've put in a request to be first on the list to take her. :)

benson and mk

Until next time, Bonita...

Tomorrow's blog will feature, Benson the gravity defying, child.
I can hardly keep my seat!!

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  1. hahaha... brings back memories of having a pac-man claw hand in orlando with y'all! fun times! i miss farm bureau trips... too bad i'm too old to go with my parents :(