Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayhhr, Joe-FF and Jeeeth

I just had to do a quick post about this adorable nativity set that my sweet friend Brooke gave Benson for Christmas.
Brooke's so sweet! She is the best note-writer and birthday remember-er and thoughtful present giver ever. Seriously, she should win an award.
I wanted to do a post about this nativity set, so that down the road, I could remember how much fun Benson had playing with these little figurines. We have a few nativity sets we put up for Christmas, but this is his very own and it's safe for him to play with them. We have this precious little book called,
"Clopper the Christmas Donkey"

that tells the Christmas story from the donkey's point of view. (If you're looking for a great read-aloud-- we even read it when it isn't Christmas! I highly reccomend this one-- It's even got the scripture on each page so that as he gets older (and his attention span longer) we can read it too! )
As we read the story, we pick up each of the characters from the nativity that Brooke gave us.
Benson calls them:
Joseph= "Joe-FF"
Mary= "Mayhhr"
Jesus= "Jeeeth"
Clopper= "Copp"
It's so precious.
He's gotten to the point where, every night, while I rock him to sleep, he wants to hold Mayhhr, Joe-FF and Jeeth. And we have to give them each a kiss before we put them on his nightstand. (It's become so much a part of our night time ritual, I couldn't bear to pack them up with the Christmas decorations!)

So since the the nativity's been such a blessing to us (and it's already mid-january and I STILL have YET to send Brooke a thank-you note thanking her for her thoughtfulness--) and we love the book so much, I just had to share! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing that sweet story! That is much better than a thank you note! Very cute...and glad to see he enjoys his very own set!