Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

We went to one of Uncle T's basketball games at Dorman. Will, Hannah and Addie Grace were all there. I think the kids thought all the people were there to watch them run around. They have such a blast playing together...
Water break! My turn! My Turn!


Air Will!

Air Hannah at half time!

RUNNING all around the court at half time

For whatever reason, our house has become static electric. "Papa" says it's because there has been low humidity lately. I had just washed Peaches and before I combed her out... this is what she looked like... (if this is what her hair was doing- imagine how beautiful MINE looked! )


Sugars from Grandmama

Benson's learning to eat from a spoon! What a big boy!!

I wish you could hear the sounds he makes when he does his hands out like this... (he says "i don't know-- without any words-- just the sounds "uhhh uh uhHHhh?" it's hilarious.) And he loves my dish gloves. Silly thing.

Happy Birthday Uncle T! (The "1" candle again... idk?)

Benson loves the "fire" at Grandmama and Grandaddy's House. They have gas logs, but he insists on trying to blow them out...

Benson and Addie Grace... Can you believe how big she's getting? I think they look a bit alike here... maybe it's because they're both bald... well, actually, Addie Grace has get him beat by a bit...

And of course we love tractor pics...


  1. I love Peaches with the static. Gracie has the same thing--she shocks us and then looks at us like we're abusing her.
    I am also a fan of Benson and the rubber gloves. He is so cute...looks like a little ducky!

  2. Okay so... I laughed hysterically at the Peaches pictures! All I have to say is don't move to Texas, aka "The Land of Static Electricity". We shock everything we touch! love all the new updates.