Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bonita Springs, Florida

Honestly, I didn't even know there WAS a place called Bonita Springs, Florida.

My world is so small.

Bonita means "beautiful" in spanish.

Maybe you knew that. I didn't!

The only foreign language I speak, is with my hands!


It WAS Beautiful, indeed. So I'd say the place is pretty aptly named :)

Each year, Farm Bureau offers two incentive trips for their agents and managers.
One for just the couples (the "round table") and one for the whole family (the "All Star").

The location changes every year.
This year, the couples trip was to Vienna, Austria and the family trip was to Bonita Springs, Florida.

So far, we've been to Disney World, Maui Hawaii, Scottsdale Arizona, St. Louis MS, Washington DC, and most recently, Vienna Austria.

We have been so blessed to see and do so much through these trips. Benjamin grew up going on these trips each summer since his dad has worked for Farm Bureau for over twenty five years. He's gotten to see the world and now he has the opportunity to show it to his OWN family! What a wonderful company!!!

We stopped half way down and arrived at the hotel about 10pm. What better time is there for a dip? Benson was PUMPED about not having to put on SunScream.


It's so fun having Uncle Jo on the trips with us. This was the first year Uncle Jeremy was ineligible. Stinks being 23! :)


Driving down I-95


At the welcome banquet, Benson got to see a real live skunk!


as well as an alligator....


And a boa constrictor. I think that's what it was anyway...
(grandmama showed him how to be brave...)



He got to practice up for hunting season...


And go fishing...


He even held a parrot...


Ane one decided that Daddy's head looked like a good place to sit...


And then things got a little crazy for a minute...


But then it was all good...


I think Mrs. Lula looks so "natural" with two birds perched on her arms. :) Really, i do!


Adorable parrot-toting grandparents :)


And then Benson beat daddy in a sailboat race.


And that was just the first day!!! :)
Stay tuned for more summer in review

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