Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip Music

On our trip to florida, we did a lot of singing in the car.
Here's a snippet of Benson's favorite songs, each of which he sang, 317 times.


  1. Welcome back. I thought you had lost your computer and camera.
    The singing video needs subtitles. Can you do that? The singing is cute.
    Sounds like a fun summer.
    Keep clicking.
    Rachel C

  2. Rachel, just for you :) :

    Down by the station
    Early in the morning
    See the little pufferbellies
    All in a row

    See the station master
    Turn the little handle
    Puff, puff, toot, toot
    Off we go!

    The grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men;
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up, they were up,
    And when they were down, they were down,
    And when they were only half-way up,
    They were neither up nor down.


    Woody's Roundup
    come on, it's time to play
    There's Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl
    (yo-de-la, you-de-la, yo-de-la)
    Bullseye, he's woody's horse
    Pete the old prospector
    and Woody the man himself
    of course
    It's time for Woody's Roundup
    He's the very best
    He's the rootinest tootinest cowboy
    in the wild wild west

  3. Loved the way he said "ROUNDUP"!!!
    Too cool. Have you all seen Toy Story 3 yet? Did he like it? Josiah loved it. This was his first time in the movie theater so he was amazed at how big the screen was.

  4. Thanks, Pauline!

    Yes, we've seen it-- one day I'll get around to posting the pics from our outing. :)

    He's seen it twice- the first time he loved it, the second time he cried his eyes out because he
    1. "didn't want andy to go to college"
    2. "didn't want the toys to go to Sunnyside
    3. "didn't like the fire part"

    So, we've had mixed emotions about the whole thing. Glad your little guy enjoyed it! :)

  5. Glad you're back to blogging. :) His singing made me laugh out loud! TOO CUTE!