Friday, March 19, 2010

Benson's Cool New Room

Benjamin and I decided that it would be best for us to leave Benson with family in Lexington the Saturday that we moved in order to get his room put together and set up for him to see it for the first time. We were honestly a little concerned that he would have some trouble adjusting to a new home, since he loved his room in Lexington so much!

Praise the Lord, we were wrong! I'm not even sure he remembers having an "old room" he loves his new one so much!

When I first asked, "What's your favorite part of your new room?"
His response was "my piggy bank."
I guess seeing his piggy bank in his new room made it home for him.
Be sure to click here to see how long this love affair has gone on...
As and aside... he's been asking everyone for quarters. This little piggy's getting a full belly!

Every cowboy needs a place to hang his hat

The "important" things...

(most of his other toys are still in boxes... i kinda like the simplicity of having these few favs for him to play with and he doesn't even notice the other ones are missing-- for some reason, his toys seem to breed in his toy box and end up sending their offspring all over my house!!)

The welcoming commitee...

His "special" train. I have declared that this is not a "toy." It's a "decoration" made by our incredibly talented, sweet, and thoughtful friend Mary Catherine. He does get to play with it on occasion, when he asks sweetly, which he thinks is pretty much the most speical and amazing thing ever!

And now the pinnacle of the new room... The top bunk.
These bunks belonged to Benjamin and his brothers growing up...
Benson COULD NOT be more thrilled to have his very own "top bunk."

"How much do you love your top bunk?"
"Thhiiiiiiissss much!"

For the first week we were here, I would say, "Benson, it's time for a nap."
(Which is usually followed by some sort of pleading, begging, or guffawing against the thought of such an idea)

At our "new house" (which is how we refer to our current place of residence) after I suggest that it is indeed time for a mid-day siesta, he starts giggling and jumping and RUNS to his ladder so that he can JUMP onto the top bunk and nestle down under the covers with a big smile on his face.

For the first two days, he couldn't even fall asleep in his "top bunk" because he was simply so excited to be in it.

This boy loves his new room!

Check back tomorrow to see his second favorite thing about his "new house!"


  1. I love the new room. I especially love his new bed:) Where did you get the bedding? It is very cute. Now the BIG question is: Did Woody & Buzz make it to the new house or did they "get lost"???? I didn't see them in any of the pictures:)

  2. Thanks, Pauline! he loves his bed so much! I got the bedding from Belk. It was such a blessing... I had been looking for bedding online and trying to convince Benjamin that I "needed" to spend a good bit of money on his bedding and that if I did, I'd keep it on his bed until he left for college (which benjamin just rolled his eyes at) And then I ended up finding this "Nautica Sea Glass" bedding on the 75% off table at Belk! We got both full sets for LESS THAN HALF of what I was going to pay-- I couldn't believe it! And it really turned out well because it matches some of the colors from his nursery so I was able to use some of the same things from that room in this one... the Lord, and my husband, new what I "needed!" :) Sometimes submission isn't fun, but there's always blessing in it! :)

    As far as Buzz and Woody-- these pics were taken the very first time he saw his new room. Buzz, woody, and Jessie are in his suitcase that he took with him to Grandmama's-- He made SURE to hang on tight to them... they never left his watchful eye during the entire move! :)

  3. He's too cute :o) I laughed when I saw the beds...they are the exact same ones my sister and I shared (I was on top too!). Glad to see the move has been a smooth one.

  4. Welcome back!! I missed you.
    The big pig at Hudson's is gone...I don't know where it is. I remembered Benson's money video and enjoyed watching it again. The bunk beds are VERY similar to my boys. I hope a grandchild uses them someday, too. I can't believe you did not take many moving pictures, that is not like you. I saw Robbie and Janice in the pictures, but could not see their eyes. Were they dry? I used to pack up the kids toys and swap them out every 6 months. It was great. They loved getting them back again. Hope you are settling in.

  5. so cute Jessica! what fun you must have being Benson's mom. We miss you guys!