Saturday, March 20, 2010

In honor of the First Day of Spring...

I would like to share with you my all time favorite running song...
It's "shackles" by Mary Mary.

You can listen here

Download it. Put it on your ipod. You won't be sorry you did! ☺

Whenever I think I just can't get going or keep going, and this song comes on, it just puts that extra pep in my step to help me really get in the groove.

It really makes me want to "raise the roof" while I'm running. Did I just admit that?
I do try to resist it for fear of what I would look like to my neighbors.
But it may have occasionally happened a time or two...

What's your favorite exercise song? Share it in the comments section!

Sometimes, when you move to a new town or are trying out a new path, you might need to

And I found this neat little site that will calculate any running path...

just select "start mapping..."
it has all these little popups that ask you to register, but I just kept clicking "x" or "close" and just went straight to the map and put in our path.

Happy Spring!!!

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