Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm just going to be honest...

There is something about Play Doh that scares me.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is...

Maybe it's the potential mess that it could make, or the possibility that if I were to look away for a second, it could end up smooshed in his hair or worse... his mouth?! Maybe it's the abstract nature of this amorphous goo that is beckoning to be made into something, not just crumbled onto the floor...

I don't makes me anxious.

It's a weird thing to be afraid of, I know... but anyway.. we've had this can of blue play doh for over a year and we finally took the plunge and decided to break it out today.

Benson let out a "Woooo Hooooo" at the notion of play doh.

I read somewhere that putting play doh on a large cookie sheet
is a nice way to contain it.

I must say, it helped abate some of my anxieties...

Ok. I think I've pinpointed it... this. This is what just kills me about play doh.

Whatever it is that makes him do this with play doh, is definitely located on the Y chromosome.

There's just something about the not-neatness of it that gets me.
And eventually got him too...

Here he is, devastated, that he has (in his mind) forever ruined his play doh.
"Ohhh No... my pllllaayyy dooooh...."

But mama saved the day by showing him that it isn't at all like Humpty Dumpty and it can be put back together again. He was happy about that....


  1. The worst is when it gets in the carpet...ugh

  2. I'm not crazy about it, either, mainly because of the mess. I make a homemade version that keeps really well in the fridge and color it with those gel cake decorating colors. But it's crumby when the little pieces dry...and I hate crumbs!

    Love the pics!

  3. I am with Kelli, it is the WORSTE when it gets in the carpet. And we have carpet all through out the house. So unless I let them play with it in the bathtub;) they don't really play with it that much. When they do ask "Mom, can I play with the Play-Doh"...I crinch.
    I love that last picture!

  4. Do what I did with my kids.
    Play Dough was a "treat" at Grandma Mac's. She handled all the problems with it. That's a grandmother's privilege.
    Rachel C.