Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tyler Turns One!

Our friends Jessica and Chad's littlest boy, Tyler, turned one this past week, and we were able to go back to Lexington to celebrate with them.

It was a rock and roll party... right up Benson's alley!

Amanda and Ansley

Benson singing Karaoke

Izzie (Todd and Cassie's baby girl) was tuckered out from the festivites!

The Birthday Boy

The Gunters

Get ready for lots of birthday posts over the next few months...
spring and summer are filled with birthdays around here!


  1. First- Benson with those shades on is so cute! Or should I say so cool!

    I can't belive how big Tyler is now! I saw them over Christmas when I was in the states and he has changed so much since then!

    AND I LOVE your new blog header!

  2. Melissa... thanks! He had so much fun at the party-- and I'm with you... I can't believe Tyler is one.. time is just flying by way too fast!

    Glad you like the blog header! I actually don't know what one you're referring to because they rotate with each page load-- i have about 6 or 7 that change each time somebody brings up the page... but I'm glad you like it, whichever one it is! :)

    Hope yall are doing well! It's crazy to me that you live in Italy! Benjamin and I will be over your way in about a month, visiting vienna, austria. I know it isn't exactly "close," but it's on the same side of the ocean as you anyway! :) Maybe we'll run into each other! :)

  3. Love the cool shades...
    rachel c

  4. I am just now seeing this. We moved to a different house and just got internet back since things take a little longer to do in Italy!
    You will LOVE Vienna, Austria,
    it is about 5 hours from our new house and only about 4 from the old house! Austria is really nice and is close to a lot of other countries so they take no time to travel to! Let me know if you need any advice or anything!