Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ingrams First Visit to Hartsville

We had our first out of town visitors less than a week after we moved in!

Kelli, Trey and Lael were on their way home from some work Trey had at the beach and stopped by on their way back to Greenville!

It was such a great feeling to have such dear friends in our new home. It made it feel more like home, having them in it!

Benson and Trey had so much fun playing some "POW" game where they took turns being the good guy and the bad guy. Benson thinks Trey is so extremely very cool.


Lael- "Seriously, Aunt Jess? Are you going to pull that camera out and take a picture of Benson kissing my head EVERY time I EVER see you my WHOLE life?!"

Me- "yes, my dear, I am. :) "

Sweet 'lil lamb of the Lord Lael

Did I mention how much Benson loves Trey?

It's a lot! :)

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  1. LOVE this post! Love the one of Trey, Benjamin, and Benson! Lael is looking pretty pitiful in these pics though...pretty much sums up her little attitude that day! She DOES love her Aunt Jess though! :)