Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fireman Benson

It's funny how, the older he gets, we're starting to pick up on things that we see in him that are obviously from one or the other of us.

Kicks. They are from me. I am the queen of kicks. Whether it's knitting, baking, sticker collecting (that was in the eighth grade), cleaning, not cleaning, or something else.... I'm all about getting on a little "kick" for a while where I focus everything on that little hobby or task and do it with all of my umph, until I get tired of it and move on to another kick.

Benson is definitely on a fireman kick.

Which makes me "Fireman Mama" and Benjamin "Fireman Daddy."

We've put out more fires over the last couple of weeks than you can imagine.

He's liked the idea of a fireman ever since his great aunt Bonnie gave him his little ride-on firetruck. He can ZOOM on our "new house" tile and hardwood floors with that thing! Check out the tongue stickin' out here as he takes the turn...

His Grandaddy Ryan took him to see some firetrucks last week which really fed his interest in firemen. Plus Grandmama got him this really cool fire truck matchbox car that you would think is life sized since he spends so much time inspecting and driving it!

Not to mention that lately, we've been reading Curious George and the Firefighters.
(There's definitely a common thread of Curious George in a lot of posts on here.. have you noticed? Safe. He's safe I tell you... and that's hard to come by!)

Sometimes Fireman Benson takes the corner too quick and topples his firetruck over...

But it doesn't stop him for too long... Firemen are tough, you know!

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