Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snephanie Abolis

Stephanie is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever known. She's forever thinking of others and looking for ways to make people feel special and loved. She's great at it!!

We were roommates freshman year at Clemson, and it was during that time that the name "Stephabulous" was coined... which.. I personally think she should legally change her name to, because it's much more descriptive of her actual personality.
Here's maybe my favorite pic ever of us :)

She knows how much Benson loves Curious George, so when she went to a conference a couple of months back and a medical company was advertising with these little monkey-head stress balls that look just like Curious George, she snagged a few for Benson. There's three of them, but the other two are playing hide and this one must be the seek-er.

He loves playing with his "Georges." When he was playing with them last week, I asked him,

"Benson, who gave those to you?"
And he replied,

"Adam and Eve!"
(Stephanie's Husband's name is Adam, so I knew HE knew what he meant!)

Today, before his nap, he wanted to read the "Merry Christmas Curious George" book that Stephanie gave him a few weeks back when we were finally able to sit down and catch up after the Christmas hustle and bustle.

(For some reason we've been on a Christmas book kick lately. Last night it was "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? Who knows...)

Anyway-- when I asked him who gave him the book for Christmas, he got a little closer than "Eve" this time...

We love you Snephanie Abolis!! :)

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