Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten Year State Championship Reunion

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since the LHS boys basketball team took home the state championship victory. We had a great time at the reunion, reminiscing, catching up with old team mates and watching highlight film...

Click here to see the enlarged image to look for yourself if you were in the student section that day!

They let the boys run out through the cheerleaders just like they did in highschool--

The team and trainers

I got to hold Ansley the whole game! She fell asleep on me and we got to cuddle through all four quarters! So sweet!

Refreshments and film watching

The sweet Gunters

Ten Years certainly changes things...

What sweet, sweet memories!


  1. How neat that they had a reunion!! I remember that game and how exciting and fun it was!!!

    I am actually in the picture.. 2 rows up from you! Directly above you 2 rows up is Allison Waddell (Pollock) and I am 2 down from her!
    It was neat looking at the picture trying to figure out everyone!!

  2. so neat! Can you believe how old we're getting?!