Thursday, February 25, 2010

Has your bathroom trashcan ever made you cry?

Mine did.
And I'm not kidding.

I picked up the bathroom trashcan, took it to the kitchen, emptied it, and got all teary eyed.

I thought to myself, "This will be the last time I empty this trashcan in this house."
Poor Benjamin. Just imagine to yourself what his week's been like!

Now, if that's what happened with the bathroom trashcan, you can only imagine my reaction to having Benson's beloved playset removed from our backyard.

We weren't here when the guys came to move it (we're keeping it at Grandmama and Grandaddy's until we find a house)

And so when we pulled up and saw it loaded on the big truck, I wasn't sure how Benson would react. (I was choking back tears!)

Of course, I was afraid he'd be scarred for life.

I walked him back through the gate into our backyard, which now sits completely empty...praying for the Lord to give me the words to be able to explain this to him...

he takes one look at it and says with excitement in his voice,

"Mama! We got a NEW BACKYARD!!!"

I'd say he's a pretty "glass half full" kinda guy.

Here's some snaps from the last hoorah on the playset...

He loves fishing in his blue kiddie pool. It's like the ultimate.

What is this face? This is a new one...

I know this face... This is the "mama, I'm NOT READY to go in face..."

A special thanks to the Brown Family for the cool "like a tractor" sweatshirt featured in these pics :)

Ohh.. and this pic reminded me of a story... I'll tell you about it tomorrow.. today.. I've got some packin' to do...