Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out the door and into the snow...

Have you ever tried to catch a snowflake with a mittened hand?

Daddy was working, but Lash came over to play in the snow! And Benson loved it!

Then, he decided that he wasn't a fan of the snowflakes hitting him in the face. So he went into the garage and plopped down and OUT came that bottom lip and OFF came the gloves...

Until he saw all the fun we were having...

And decided to join in :)


  1. I'm glad to know I am not the only crazy SC mom who owns a snowsuit for her two-year-old! :o)

  2. So precious!! Loved the pictures, especially the second one. Are the snowmen replicas of your family? They look so much like you. Thanks for sharing..
    Rachel C

  3. Kelli-- i got that whole kit-and-kaboodle from a friend who gives me all her hand-me-downs and it had only been worn like ONCE and was such a blessing to us!

    Rachel-- Yes, the snowmen are our replicas--- both Mrs. Snowman and I have some lower body work to do before bathing suit weather arrives! :)