Thursday, February 11, 2010


You may or may not have known that I was a resident assistant in family housing at Clemson for three of the four years I was there. We had mostly international students, a large majority of whom were Asian. I helped run the childrens program for the neighborhood families. I always looked forward to our neighborhood potluck dinners because I got to try all sorts of authentic foreign foods.
Here we are on halloween (i didn't have any pics from the potlucks)

My two favorite things at the potlucks, were potstickers and Jasmine Green Tea.
I've attempted to make my own potstickers from scratch, but I don't have a good recipe--
that's something I'd like to accomplish one day--I'm sure you'll read about it here if I do-- but until then..
I have found a delicious ready-made potsticker that is DE-LISH!

He thinks so too...

My roomate Layne and I once ate about 50 of these babies in one sitting!
(Our Korean neighbors cooked em up for us and they were addicting.)

Now we like Ling Lings
Not quite as "authentic" as they were in family housing, but a quick and yummy lunch none-the-less! (You can find these at Publix in the natural foods freezer section)

This is the tea that my sweet korean neighbors introduced me to... I will forever be indebted.

You can find it on Amazon! Just click here! How wonderful!

And this is the neat little diffuser teacup that one of my asian residents gave me--
I just love it for full leaf tea teas like the one above...

The pretty little tin also has a chinese label...

In case you're chinese...

But if you're in a hurry, and don't have a cool little diffuser teacup that one of your residents in family housing gave you, I reccomend Numi Jasmine Green Tea bags... they are quite tasty as well and a little less mess... I order them in bulk :)

When you look down at your lunch and see this delectableness with all of its history--
its just plain heartwarming...

Until you look down and realize there is only one potsitcker left, and then you get a little sad...

And savor the last bite...

And then look at the empty bowl that your hall mate Yu-Ting made for you in college and reminisce about the sweet times you had...

And then happen to look over and see that your son didn't quite finish all of his potstickers... and REJOICE that your tummy is bigger than his...

And help him make a happy plate and you a happy mama :)


  1. I will stick with pepperoni rolls...

  2. You're making me hungry! I love jasmine tea and will have to look for the potstickers!

  3. This post makes me happy and brings back lots of Clemson memories. You were such a wonderful RA! Such a neat time in life for you to meet such amazing people. You touched so many lives through the role that you took on there! My favorite story of yours is when the lady threw away the casserole you made for her! Haha. So funny.

  4. Rachel-- Your pepperoni rolls are always a hit! :)

    Katie-- I can't believe you love jasmine tea-- to have just come across you in my life, the similarities are mind boggling! :)

    Carrie-- LOL!! I had forgotten about that!! I guess when you're Hindu, you don't want to eat a big ole heaping dish full of spaghetti casserole filled with hamburger meat-- she had that dish washed and back to me in less than 10 minutes! Thanks for the memories!