Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowy Night at Nanas

While most of the southeast was hunkered down and holed up with their milk, bread and canned goods, waiting out the winter storm that we had last Saturday night, Benjamin had a hankerin' for some corn chowder. And not just any corn chowder. Mrs. J's corn chowder. I even offered to make it myself and he politely responded "Why don't we just call Mrs. J and see if she'll make us some?"

Now, I'd be slightly offended by this brush-off regarding my cooking if I had never tasted Mrs. J's corn chowder myself. But since I have, I understood... and you would too, if you had ever tasted it. It's simply marvelous. And the perfect compliment to a snowy evening.
Maybe I'll post the recipe one day. Although, I have to warm you, you won't be able to make it quite like Mrs. J. :)

So after we finished building our snowmen (see the previous post) and while it was still pouring snow (does it POUR snow? it doesn't snow enough around here for me to know the correct term to use here) we loaded up in the 4runner and went out to brave the elements. (Again, is it braving the elements if you're riding in an SUV? I don't know... anyway.. i thought we were pretty brave. That, or crazy? Plus I knew that it was my husbands idea, and, being the submissive wife I am, knew that HE would be responsible, if we crashed. Not me. There are benefits to not being the head of the household. :) )

Benson liked shining the flashlight out the window on the snow. He couldn't get over the fact that there was snow on the grill. I guess in his mind, the grill always has fire in it when he's there... so the fact that it was covered in snow was pretty weird to him.

Nana gave him some hot chocolate. Now THAT made his night!

It was also snowing in the front yard! Whoa!

He really wanted to let the snowflakes fall ON his head.. so we let him...

and then he took off...
(much to his mothers dismay! See my idea of proper snow attire for a two year old here)

Then we loaded up and our trusty driver took us safely home!

Even though it was still snowing pretty goood. Pouring even.

We did get to see the snow covered entrance to our neighborhood, which I thought was pretty picturesque.

And when we got home, we measured the snow on our back porch. Almost six inches! That is a lot of inches! And it was still coming down!!

So of course Benjamin had to take a picture to send to his sister to tease her about how we had snow and she didn't. Brothers. There's a reason God didn't give me any.

And then I made him smile for me, because I thought he looked cute standing out there on the porch with snow in his hair. Picturesque even. :)

Check back tomorrow for the Snowy DAY pictures. I told you.. snow in lexington? The blog might not be able to handle it!


  1. Christa didn't have any snow? We had at least 4 inches! Weird!

  2. they had gone to charleston for the weekend-- it was like the only place in the state that it didn't snow! She was so mad!

  3. I WANT that recipe:) If you are sharing I would love to have a copy of it. I am sure my husband would love that:)

  4. You make me laugh. I love your excitement for life :) It's so fun that like the entire U.S. got snow. I love the picture of B on the porch. Such a good sport he is! :)

  5. I want the corn chowder recipe now. PLEASE?? PRETTY PLEASE???It looks really delicious.
    Rachel C.