Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

With so many people we love in such close proximity, it seems like we're always celebrating someone's birthday-- but Benson loves a "SPECIAL DAY!" because he gets cake or candy or cookies or something similarly wonderful.. plus it give him a chance to sing "happy birthday to you ____, " Which he has really perfected as of late :)

We took lunch to the high school to surprise Nana for her birthday and we might as well have been at Disney World, he had so much fun! Pencil Sharpeners, Digital Chalkboard, big-wide-indoor halls to run in.. not to mention just getting to BE WITH Nana, in whom he delights, it was a "Special Day," indeed.

Uncle Jo stopped by to say hey!

Others cookies are always more appealing than your own...

When I was little, after school, I would ride the bus to the high school so I could ride home with my dad-- Mrs. J would let me color on her overhead and play teacher... to see Benson, playing on her "Flattron" which has replaced her old overhead projector was a little surreal for me...

He sharpened every pencil in her room!

Why walk when you can RUN in the halls?

I really think he thought they put that water fountain there just for him...

He climbed up to the landing area and said, "watch what I can do!" well, Mrs. J and I are standing there just staring at him, and he JUMPED OFF the top and cleared all four steps landing on the ground, and falling forward. I just about had a heart attack.

He found his daddy in the state championship picture in the commons area! (We saw Papa in his state championship tennis picture too, but it was too high to get a picture)


  1. This post is so precious. I love his preppy sweater vest. I bet the school looks so big to him!!!

  2. It was great to see y'all. Benson is precious! :)

  3. thanks, Kayla! i agree-- it had to seem like the biggest place he'd ever been! With all the additions, it's close to the biggest place I'VE ever been!

    And Kathy-- it was such a treat getting to see all of you too! Hope you have a great week!!

  4. I love that last picture of him pointing to Benjamin. So sweet!

  5. wow, lookin at those stairs will take ya back, won't they?!
    He is precious!