Friday, February 12, 2010

Circus 2010

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It's one of those things I've been looking forward to since he was born-- taking him to the circus the first time-- so you would think I would have been planning it for months and bought the tickets in advance and all that jazz... unless you know me.
And then you would know that I purchased our tickets online at 2:15 for the 3:00 show. Regardless of my last-minute-ness- it was all I had imagined-- and I am so glad that Amanda mentioned to me that she took her class of Friday, so that I knew it was in town. Maybe one day I'll get organized. :)

Hannah got to come along.. Her favorite part was when they shot the pretty girls out of the cannon and they landed in the "big pillow"... that pretty much blew my mind. I mean hers. :)

Benson wanted to be an "acrobat"-- that's what he liked most.

The Amazing Balancing Zucchinis

From the episode "unbalanced" on Curious George Takes a Vacation (which we've watched A-BOUT a thousand times)

I would like to say, we own many of the DVD's in this series due to the fact that they are "safe" UNLIKE two of our favorites

Cars- in which Lightenin' says "I'm gonna kill you!" (referring to beating the other car in a race)
Toy Story 1 in which Woody says "aw shut-up" to Buzz who won't be quiet---

BOTH of which have had to be addressed with a certain two year old in our home. Why do they have to ruin perfectly good movies with garbage words? And why are those garbage words the ones he chooses to remember?!

At least Curious George is reliable-- I haven't come across anything questionable in the Curious George PBS series-- Although my sister-in-law Christa has one that ISN'T the PBS version and she says there IS some questionable material in it-- so be picky when picking out your curious george DVD's! :)

No, this is not a paid advertisement for the PBS series Curious George. Although, if they want to pay me, I'll accept it. :)

Of course we loved the Tigers. When we got home, Mrs. Lula asked him what he saw at the circus and he said-- "We saw TIGERS! We didn't see any Gamecocks." :)

All of these pics were taken with the "kit lens" that came on my D90.
It is a 18-105mm Lens
I kinda wish I had taken my Dad's 55-200mm just to get a little more zoom
and I kinda wish I knew a little more about how to USE my camera's awesome capabilities-- Maybe I'll learn sometime in the next year and 2011's circus pics will Rock your Socks off! :)
Here's what we saw from our seats:

And here's what I saw through my camera:

Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? :)

This was after the cirucs was over-- lets pretend those faces are due to the fact that they are sad to be leaving and not the fact that neither one of them had a nap that day.

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