Friday, January 8, 2010

A visit to Greenville

At this rate, I'm going to be blogging about Christmas in March! But I just had to share these pics from a little photoshoot Kelli and I did with Lael this past week. I whisked away my little "Tasmanian Devil" to Greenville for a couple of days in order to visit with the Ingrams as well as keep order in our "For Sale" home! :)
It was so much fun getting to love on Lael for a lil bit :) I always feel like I'm on vacation when I stay at Kell's-- the fact that we both LOVE to sleep (and that she was genius enough to put blackout curtains in her guest bedroom :) ) makes it such a chill and relaxing trip! With the addition of the sweet little bundle of joy, Lael, it makes it all the more joyful to make the trip up 26!
(As an aside, can I just reitterate my vast love for my new camera? It's quite a hindrance at my productivity as all I want to do is snap and edit, snap and edit... and with a model this beautiful, I wouldn't get ANYTHING done if I was around her everyday! :) )
Benson was SO cute with her-- he just wanted to kiss her and kiss her and kiss her!! He calls her MeganLael and just loves her to pieces!!

You could put this picture of Lael in Kelli's baby book and not be able to tell who was who!!

Sweet baby girl, "Aunt Jess" loves you!


  1. GREAT pictures. Especially the one of Benson.

  2. Jessica,
    What program do you use to edit your pictures? They are beautiful!

  3. Hey courtney!

    I use Photoshop-- I've got the full blown version that I use in my graphic design company, but they have a version called photoshop elements that is only $79.99 that you can download from that you can do many of the same things-- there are tutorials all over the web about how to use elements-- that's what I started out with, until I invested in the big one for business purposes--
    your little durham is beautiful! I love the blog! :)
    Hope yall have a great week! :)