Saturday, January 23, 2010

friday night hoops

We love a hometown Friday night basketball game. Lexington played White Knoll tonight, so we got to go and see so many familiar faces!
As an aside-- every time I go to a varsity basketball game, I wish we could teleport back to 2000 and relive Benjamin's senior year basketball season when they won the state championship- no games will ever be as awesome as each game was that year... and just for the fun of it, and because i just so happen to have the picture on hand, due to the upcoming TEN YEAR reunion, I'll post it here:

so you can see the boys in all their glorious adolescent splendor

We grabbed a bite at firehouse beforehand-- Benson insisted upon getting a new firehat.
i just love those lips :)

i wish i was a little bit taller... i wish i was a baller...

Benson loves running into Hannah Rose at the games...

and getting a kiss from her...

and going to see the wildcat with her...

but what he really loves, is her toes...

Melt my heart, you little Benjamin, you.

these rails were made for hangin'

he had...
so. much. fun.
can you tell?

and all that fun made him hungry...


  1. He's so cute! I hope he got his hotdog. :) And I agree that 2000 was a great LHS basketball year!

  2. Jessica! Love the new photos and the last couple of posts... our senior year was amazing wasn't it... looking at that picture brought back a flood of memories. I don't know that I missed a game that season! It is amazing how sports bring us together and help us make lasting memories that can in some ways shape who we are and who we become! Hope that you all are well! Erin Wackerhagen