Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas #5-- The Ryan's House! {{part 3}}

Jesus's Birthday Cake

Let them eat Cake! (I'll have oranges, please :) )

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


  1. Alli has those same pjs! So cute. I love the picture of Mr. Tom and Mrs. Lula with the grands. I know it has been so special for them to watch them grow up so close in age!

  2. it HAS been so fun having them so close together--- Alli's got that on BOTH sides! She's a blessed little girl! They have so much fun when they get together-- they love to just RUN and YELL, like its' the funnest thing ever!!
    Hope you have a great week!! :)

  3. I love the picture of them blowing out the candles. Do you have a special program to put the background on it? It is very cute.

  4. Pauline-- I created that graphic using photoshop-- I have the full blown version that I use in my graphic design company, but there is a similar (much cheaper) option out there called Photoshop elements that allows you to do all sorts of cool things to pictures-- you can download it for $79.99 here:
    and there are tutorials all over the web about how to create things with it...
    here's a good place to find some:
    I just followed this tutorial to make my polaroids:

    Be careful.. it's addicting :)