Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas #5-- The Ryan's House! {{part 2}}

We played "the box game" again this year. I just think its so funny seeing everybody play this game.. competitive natures definitely come out! Jason was the winner again this year! Although, in his attempts to rip into the envelope covered in duct tape, he ripped the $50 in two! So I guess he won two $25's?! Thanks, Mrs. Lula, for taking the time to put this all together and wrap all the million boxes!


  1. Ok, so you need to explain to me what the "box game" is. And why are you ALL wearing the hat;jacket and gloves? Never heard of it.

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  3. My mother in law hides a $50 in an envelope that is wrapped inside a box that is inside of another wrapped box that is wrapped inside of another box etc etc-- we all stand in a circle, and roll dice. When you get a 7, you have to put on the coat, hat and gloves and you get to tear into the box until somebody else rolls a 7 and shouts SEVEN!!! The other person, who is tearing into the box as fast as they can, has to take off the items, and give them to the other person who just rolled a 7. They have to put it all on before they can start trying to get into the boxes. There's hidden money along the way ($1 here, $5 there) and some boxes have two box options to open-- one of which is empty-- but if you get to the money, you get to keep it! It's a really fun game! :) I have the most creative Mother in Law ever! :)