Monday, January 25, 2010

i love babies :)

Our friend Chad turned 28, and his very organized and incredibly adept party-planner-wife, Jessica, planned a surprise party for him. I don't have any pics of the birthday boy, but we DID get to spend time with todd and cassie's precious baby girl Izzie.

I think I like the looks of this...

And I REALLY like the looks of this...

I think we need one of these...

He agrees...

But for now, we'll just eat cake and be happy :)

or wrestle on the ground in the restaurant... we're cool with whatev..


  1. Looks like someone may have baby fever?? Just a guess :)

  2. Great pictures:) I have a question for you: How do you get your pictures to change on the top of your blog? Everytime I click on your blog there is a different "header". How do you do that? Is this something blogspot does? Just curious.

  3. Pauline-- the rotating blog header is a javascript program that I've added to the HTML of my blog that randomly selects from different blog headers I've created -- it isn't something that blogger currently offers as an option-- do you have any experience with HTML? If not, sugarlump stationery offers rotating blog headers as one of our services :) Let me know if you'd be interested in me creating one for you :)

  4. Jessica, how much do you charge toget a rotating blog header? I think it is s cute. Do you just do headers or do you design blog pages too? Let me know.Maybeyou can email me at:
    Pauline at Tinkertoys dot net