Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Infinity!..... And Beyond!!!!!

We gave Benson the movie, Toy Story for Christmas-- along with the Woody action figure. He only had to watch it one time before he started asking for Buzz too--
This past week, we hit a monumental milestone-- he spent the WHOLE! night at Nana and Papa's house-- and to reward his bravery and big-boy-ness, he got his very own Buzz Lightyear-- (as an aside-- for Papa, who wasn't familiar with this movie, he was a bit confused by our bribe to give our two year old a "bud light" for spending the night--No papa, no. :) )

Here he is with his new found loves...

And here he is flying like Buzz---- :)


  1. I love it:) That is great. I LOVE the pictures. Any news on the house yet? Have you had a lot of people coming by? I am praying you all will sell it quickly:)

  2. His excitement is too much! So cute. I absolutely love it when children can't even get whole words out because they are so excited. Love him! :)