Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas #2-- Nana and Papa's House!

Nana and Papa got Benson a Frog-O-Sphere for Christmas! These little froggies are so cute! :) We've named one of them Fred, but we haven't decided on the other ones name yet-- maybe Kermit? Any suggestions?

I wish I would have videoed Benson's reaction to opening these socks. He pulled them out of the box, and started yelling "New Socks! New Socks!" and then he ran around the room showing all of us his new socks! You can never guess what they'll like best :)

Thankful. (I don't know who is more...)

Lash got a cool new robe and we each took turns doing our best "robe pose." Benjamin said I look like Cruella Deville. I have to agree.

About a month ago, Lash walked into a room where Benson was sitting on the couch and said, "Whatcha doin?" and his response was.... "Chillin." Unbelievable. So she found him this cute gift bag-- i thought it was adorable :)

Hugs for Lash

A Nikon christmas :) We all got one. We all got different models, but we've had so much fun playing with our new Cameras :)
Ash got the D3000, Papa the D5000 and I got the D90 . I'm in love.

And I just love this series of pictures... So sweet...

Such special memories with Nana and Papa!


  1. Cruella Deville! I love it. So fun with all the new cameras too! Maybe one day I'll join the cool camera club. I do have to say... I know that you have lots of Christmases to go to and it's a lot of work BUT it's so cool that Benson gets loved on by so many people. I teared up looking at the pics with Mrs. J. So sweet!

  2. I love my new camera, i got it from everyone (my grandparents, my dad and mrs j, my mom and B's parents-- when they asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told them my new camera, so when it came time for the purchase, I had a nice little down payment :) I didn't have anything to open on Christmas, but I had the best present ever! That was my strategy in obtaining the beauty :)

    I agree about the crazy blessing of having lots of family-- watching the movie "the four Christmases" made me laugh so hard! We have six. SIX! That is a lot of Christmases. And a lot of craziness. But we are blessed, for sure! :)

    We were so happy to get to see yall in the midst of it! :)