Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mater Daddy

Benson and Benjamin have this new game they play--
Benson is "Lightnin' McQueen" and Benjamin is "Tow Mater" from the movie "Cars"
Benson runs up to B and says "I've got a flat tire, Mater-Daddy"
And Benjamin, with his hick-toned rendition of Mater's voice replies "You got a flat tar? Well lets tow you to da shop!"

Benson holds out both of his hands and Benjamin drags **tows** him around the house

until they get to the "shop" at which Mater-Daddy fills Lightnin's tires (feet) back up with air.

Benson would play this game non-stop if Benjamin let him. And I just LOVE watching them together :)

And also.. I had this box laying around this morning and Benson hopped in it and said, "look, mama! I'm jack in the box!" :)

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