Monday, March 21, 2011

There's a pirate in my bed!!

Remember how I said we've watched a lot of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" lately?
I think it might be starting a "kick."
When grandmama was here last week, they played pretend pirates the whole time.  She later got this pirate hat for the boy and he insists on wearing it while watching "Jake."  So he wears it a lot.

He's one of the GOOD kind of pirates. :)

pirate hat



I've never been a big fan of pirates, but I love this little pirate with all my heart!!

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  1. Ok, so Josiah LOVES "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". And everytime Josiah gets together with his friend Walter they play Pirates. Would you PLEASE tell me where she got that pirate hat??? I think both Josiah and Walter would love to have one of those:)
    I never really liked Pirates either but we love "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". (Veggie Tales) has he seen that one yet?